How can I gain more fame and be more likely to draw targets?


Well, I would like to know some tips or tricks that have the most veteran in the game that they use to gain more fame since I would like to be able to get more fame to feed my pet among other things. I also spend many hours online every day in the game and when I get a white is very very very rare, I would like to know some tips or tricks that have to be more likely to get the white.


Grind halls 24/7. It’s like the holy trinity of rotmg right now: good profit, good whites, good fame.

Wait for events, use clovers / loot drops and you’ll usually get the white if you put in the hours. Otherwise doing PPE’s statistically increases your chances at white bags.


thanks you bro


There aren’t really any ‘tips’ one can give to increase your white bag chance - just grind the enemy that drops the white and pop loot drop potions


Bring along a Kendo Stick in your 7th slot, also don’t forget to “kiss” all the bosses for the best luck (only when their not shooting).

In all seriousness, just luck and grinding.


I shouldn’t be talking but do events with clovers especially Motmg’s Lost hall event


I’m so conservative with my clovers, I don’t even know when to use them besides LH’s but I always Nexus before MBC.


I have a ton from previous events and log in calendars so i’m fine


Yeah, I have about 80.


“[…] Otherwise doing PPE’s statistically increases your chances at white bags.”

Do you mean fresh characters get more white bags in a certain amount of time than older ones in the same timespan? Is this what people have experienced in the past or is this proven by statistics?



Statistically speaking, using assumptions under a Chi-squared model we can determine with n-1 degrees of certainty that this result is true.

Nah I’m just joking, “ppe luck” is a common myth that is almost certainly not true :stuck_out_tongue:


Imagine though if they did actually increase the drop rate. As in, one update deca changed the formulas for droprate so that you have double the chance if you have never traded.


Then you would use other characters to trade and give item to the other character from chests in the vault


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How tf a 5 month old account have 80 if less than 80 been handed out during events and calendar over the whole last year

Also when doing lh bring a clover, and when the mbc is about to die, flashing blue over the blue void rift, pop your clover because this will give you loot drop for the mbc and should last long enough to give you loot drop until you kill the void.


If you want more fame you can use the train



Or parasites and ice caves when there’s an event going on

fame trains are big gey ngl


kendo stick in 7th inv slot gave my wizzy ppe with t7 staff level 14 a st scepter


Legit you wouldn’t have enough space to have 80


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