How did this kill me? [shatters spike]


Did a private shatters and we were heading up to the first switch and I randomly just got instad. I didn’t see anything happen on screen but it was just so random. I’m not complaining or anything but I just want to know what happened.

It said I died from a spike, which I know does 120 damage but that’s only if you walk over them right? A guildie told me there’s a stacked shot glitch or something with them but I’m not so sure there’s be like 6 of them on one spot. I didn’t see it spawning either but I probably wasn’t paying attention. Was pretty hard to be pissed off because there was no real way I could react…


All i know from stacked glitch is Forgotten King
Any video?

maybe portal?

Also there is thread for your Dead Characters


What did you die from exactly? When I checked your graveyard I saw “Shatters spike” (Not sure if that’s the right character) Meaning those pointy things that shoot out from that one monster?


This, they can still stack.


Did you see/oversee the spike throwing animation or was it not there?



You prob sat on stacked spikes


@Shatter multiple stone ages + not constantly moving = stacked spikes = be careful dude :wink:


RIP. Stacked can seem like a pretty BS death. When you can only notice it due to the shot/etc being a bit darker from to the stacking. If the game was able somehow to make the stacking stand out more, I think players wouldn’t feel so aggrieved/annoyed.


It could get stacked by a rogue cloaking next to it and then leaving till it did spike attack (btw rip 8/8 mystic)


Well in that case is is sorta BS but I still don’t really understand how it killed me…

I mean it would need like 10 of them on one spot right? Or does the spike just continually deal damage or something.


No it dissapears when you walk over it


Wiki says:

Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Your HP was 670 if full bar, so a 6+stack would have insta'd you.


What about defence? I was 8/8 so I had 770-ish hp…




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