How did you find RotMG?


I’m sort of curious. It appears the biggest factor is word of mouth, but I’ve heard of people clicking the random article on Wikipedia and other non conventional ways too! So how did you find this crappy little flash game?
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Back when I was like 11, I was playing some flash games on a flash website, and I was a little bored and looking for new games to play. There was a realm ad banner and I clicked on it, and that’s how I discovered the game.


And there goes 5 years of my life


Kongregate, when it got a badge


Found it on Kongregate too


a bunch of people were playing at my school, so after a month or so, i decided to play


I discovered at an after school program when a bunch of kids were playing and I decided to play.


So, your school had a RotMG club?


On Kongregate when looking into the multiplayer tab. It was the first or second most popular multiplayer kongregate games at that time. I’m also planning to get all the badges for it.


Around six to eight years ago, my cousins showed it too me. We played on flash, and I remember vaulting t3 gear because it was some of the best stuff I had ever gotten. I remember my one cousin supposedly being insanely good at the game, and how, at least I thought, he had a powerful ninja with crazy powerful Oryx armor that made him look like Oryx. I also remember the default name, and each of us set our name as a slight variation of it, and I thought is was some cool clan me and my cousins made. I forgot about that for a while, and my flash account became forgotten, but I remembered it one day and told my friend about it. We played on decas website, and I stopped playing pretty quickly. I don’t remember when we started playing it again, but he got me into playing it, this time on steam, where I thought the godlands were endgame stuff, and that there were only four of the gods per realm, one medusa, one beholder, and I don’t remember the others. Now after all these years, I’m the only one who still plays it, and has risen from being a trash player, to being the best of all of them, if not still bad at the game.


Destiny is beautiful isn’t it


a friend. he quit much sooner than I did.


I searched “fun free flash games”


I got to know the game from a famous brazillian YouTuber who did minecraft videos and one day streamed this game.

I recall playing archer and loving getting golden bow. It was a milestone to get a bow with 3 shots and kill gods with it.

Also, I didn’t know I could max stats, the tutorial just told you how to walk, literally… Lmao. I drank all potions I got and one day I looked and my character was 6/8. I was drinking them while already maxed. Realized I wasted like 50 pots or something.


No, the after school program was completely separate from my school.
A memory I had when I started, the people that told about the game got an egg one day and was like how do you get one?
Then they told me to continually hit the white egg thing is midlands to get eggs and I sat there for a long time and never got one.


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I was scrolling through the chrome applications/store and found the rotmg icon, it looked cool so I installed it and here I am o3o


Like many others here, I found RotMG during Kongregate’s halcyon days.

Speaking of Youtubers, I’m surprised no one’s mentioned Markiplier. Admittedly, he hasn’t done the game justice, but he did bring some publicity to it.


Extra Credits made a video on interesting MMO/Co-Op experiences. I think this was barely before pets. Yes, it was glorious. Like jazz.


I only saw one video of him playing tho.