How did you find RotMG?


In year 9 at school my mate told me about it. Before that I either used to read books or go outside. My friend quit at light blue star but sadly I got addicted. I am no longer friends with this guy, if I ever see him again I’ll smash his head in.


i watched my cousin try the game out


Some kids at my school were playing the game. A year later most of them have quit, but for some reason or other I remember vividly a green character walking through a grey room (that I now know to be the tinkerer’s man cave.) I ask one of them what the game was called, and he can’t remember. 2 days later I’d forgotten about the encounter, and he comes up to me and shows me.

I spend the next 3 years in my own personal hell.


I was invited by a friend to try this out… in 2013 I think. We have had a lot fun and so it burned into my brain. I did not play for more than a years multiple times, but since Summer 2019 I’m really back.



exactly the same


Friend told me about a certain pserver that got shut down… When it shut down I moved to some other pservers and then to this.


Interesting, a pserver player :slight_smile:


Just found this thread, but my story of RotMG was my brother and sister playing it. They showed the game to me and I would always sit on the couch next to them and watch them play. I remember I got a priest to level 20 off of only hobbit mages. My brother said to me, you should name yourself DeeBomb! And I thought it was a good name so I named myself that lol


Vsause made a video that included rotmg a long long time ago.


link please


Found it in the Chrome app store trying to find multiplayer games on my first laptop.


Simply, I was searching for a free game on steam…
I was not disappointed


I started playing through twitch, but before then
There was the Toasters Idle Game


there you go!




chrome web store, I think it was on one of the front pages and I clicked it and it brought me to the website


I saw the video that Markiplier made on it way back when, thought it looked fun, and now here I am.


when i first started, this game was marketed in the google play store… so, whenever you opened up google chrome, you’d see “Realm of the Mad God” under “new games” or “recommendations” or whatever it was under at the time

this was before kongregate and all that.

i guess word of mouth is a big factor, because my friend Moqtada told me to get this game so we can play together one boring evening
as you can see, i kept playing, whereas he stopped :laughing:


Yeah it was word of mouth for me too, even way back in the beginning. My little bro told me about it. Think he heard of it from a streamer or something.


I was on a huge vsauce binge, and really enjoyed his D.O.N.G series, where he showcases some really neat little fun websites on the internet. One of the D.O.N.G videos I watched actually mentioned Rotmg. I immediately became obsessed with the mmorpg pixel game aesthetic and continued playing it.

If your curious about the vsauce video I posted the link here: