How did you find RotMG?


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I found it on Kongregate


One of my friends on a different Flash game, EverybodyEdits, recommended RotMG to me around Feb of 2013. I feel old now lol.


Saw my older brother playing it during WS era and played some myself, I later forgot about the game for a few years until 2014 or 2015 when I made this account but then played like once or twice and then not again until 2017 or 2018


wait you used to play everybody edits as well?


holy shit that was my favorite game right before realm.
i mightve actually gotten into realm because of everybody edits :open_mouth:
wow its all washing back


Same!! Found RotMG from a forum post about it back on the Everybody Edits forums.
It was so long ago, and my username there is Star. I made quite a few maps there that eventually made it into the official campaigns =)


thats… a lot more people who used to play EE than I thought…




Saw the game on Kongregate, fell in love with it. Started playing on 3/6/2012 according to realmeye.


A friend told me about it around 6 years ago, still playing now <3


Markiplier. My undercooked middle schooler brain couldn’t tell that he wasn’t having that much fun, so I downloaded it. I played it for the next week for like 6 hours a day. I remember getting a t9 dragonscale armor and feeling literally invincible. So funny to think back on now, but so sad.

I think I’m gonna start a ppe…




My sister was playing realm on the family computer and I watched her get sat on by o2 and rage quit.


I found this game on Kongregate in maybe like 2014 when there was one of those pet things? I forgot what it’s called but you complete 7 weekly games and I think Realm was listed, or I found it in the “Most Popular” section



It was maybe 4 years back when I was nine and my parents took me to the public library. There was this kid I saw with his friends playing rotmg on the library computers. So one day I looked at his screen and got the nae of the game. My og account is called trimax07. Also I remember him giving me an egg thinking I was insane at the game.


I also discovered a lot of weird games because of our public library, let alone my techie High School. Good times! :smile:


you found a high school thing at a library? Also why is it 3 months later I check my unreads


Bored teenagers that can’t afford to play at their homes often discovered the existence of some weird websites. Also, my former public library was massive. There were often many people in it doing something or another.