How do I directly contact deca for suggestions?


The only thing I want fixed is the broken fame system, especially the slayer of the gods bonuses,I never help clearing because I want slayer of the gods fame bonuses to get a f2p divine pet


Joining the official RotMG discord should let you leave feedback in #feedback-discussion. Just make sure to read the rules and how it works.

Granted, it’s not guaranteed they’ll read the feedback, but if you get a lot of upvotes from the community, who knows.
Not like Deca’s already aware that the fame system is pretty darn imperfect…


Let me just ask you this. Are you an alt?

Edit: I also feel like you not clearing for slayer of the gods is quite strange. Why not just spend more time in glands? Honestly, if you’re clearing with a group, you won’t get kill credit too often, so you should be fine.

Edit 2, Electric Boogaloo: Also maybe don’t link your socials in your realmeye desc.


OP has stated that they had an older account.


I’m a blue star now


Good luck.


I mean. it’s not IMPOSSIBLE. I have 2 rare pets almost maxed and a 84 legendary pet, with 14k fame. In another year I should have a divine pet.


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