how do i get better items


I just started playing this game and somebody was nice enough to give me some cool gear and told me to do sprite worlds and drink the potions and i have gotten my dexterity maxed but i do not know what to do now or how to get the good items myself


Wiki is very helpful. Look for dungeons that you can do with current gear and after some time you’ll get better items and max more stats.


Do snake pits next, get your speed maxed.

To get good items yourself, you can search items via the wiki as Piter suggested, look for weapon or armour types that match your class and the wiki page tells you what boss and dungeon it drops from. As to actually getting the item, you’ll have to rely on luck and do the dungeon quite a lot before you get the item usually.

Once you max speed, again the realmeye wiki will tell you what dungeons drop which potions, so you can decide the order in which to max your other stats.

I recommend speed (snake pit, magic woods) -> wisdom (undead lair, library) -> vitality/attack (abyss/library for vit, puppet for attack) -> defense (sewers), if you want to stay as safe as possible. Maxing defense as soon as possible is a good idea, but don’t rush and make yourself do toxic sewers straight away as they can be hard.

A good UT bow for archers drops from the undead lair, the Doom Bow, which does a lot of damage for slower rate of fire. Other Archer items drop from the Library, Ocean Trench and obviously you find tiered items pretty much everywhere. Focus on getting a better quiver probably.


In fact I just nabbed a t5 quiver so if you’re around I can give you it.


i’d appreciate that. i am trying to get a doom bow but i havent found 1 quiver yet


I’d encourage you to do godlands-tier dungeons and go to Oryx. Doing Oryx with a ranged class is easy (just Oryx1, not WC) and you can often get some great gear.

You can also team up with some people and run abysses to try and max your def (or atleast drink some def).


i will try doing the abysses. i dont know how to get to the oryx god yet


Okay but abysses can be brutal. Take it slowly at first.

As with Oryx, everyone is teleported to Oryx’s castle after all of a realm’s setpiece monsters are defeated. Meaning after a certain amount of Ent Ancients, Ghost Kings and etc. are defeated (seen as part of the number in the top left corner), Oryx will close the realm and send you all to his castle. At the castle just follow the group and stay safe all the way until you defeat Oryx. If you have enough dps (You’ve maxed Dex, so probably!) you should be able to get some good loot from him.


Sacrifice your firstborn to the RNG gods.


I think you mean buy tops from the nexus



No, I literally mean sacrifice your firstborn to the RNG Gods.


killed a lost sentry boss went into the dungeon and died lol


Ah, that’s the Lost Halls. You might wanna avoid doing that since it’s an endgame dungeon.


When you enter dungeons, you will see a number of tombstones under the name of the dungeon. Beware of anything with 4 or more when you are unmaxed, and be very, very cautious if it has 5 tombstones.


alright thank you


For a new player on his very first maxed character, please never say O1 is easy lol. Lost many characters due to me being cocky. Just farm until you’re maxed, and wait for another character slot so you have some insurance.


If you think Oryx is hard, just hang out in usw2 and watch the permastuns… they’re a thing of beauty
edit: Aw crap why’s this in my recommendation sorry for bump

#18 this is pubhalls which is basically biggest rotmg server


jUsT dOdGe LmAo

/s, i’ve lost my only dbow to o1’s shotgun. hella nasty


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