How do I report someone for selling Rotmg Stuff for items in another game?



why night mode


Easier on the eyes imo


Screenshots prove nothing to nobody, they are 200% easy to fake.
Same goes to videos. Except people will trust you a little more if you record. But videos are ALSO 100% fakeable so don’t trust any of them easily.


its bannable on growtopia but not on realm i think


this is definitely a scam because everyone in that game growtopia scams. They all indo scammers


not sure if anyone said this,

but there was once a fake video of someone hacking, they made it to say that vids can’t be reliable


Stupidity did, and apparently it was Hero max.


It is illegal because you are selling someone else’s property, or DECA’s .
So why is crime bad?


oh in this thread? i dont see stu.


How did you know I was confused?

Yea I was confused. Thanks for the explanation.


Yse, as other people said, there’s not concrete evidence. It’s concrete evidence if he states, “SELLING ROTMG ITEMS FOR PAYPAL MONEY,” but not if you ask a question and he answers.


It also must be a video, and in the actual game. If it isn’t then it can easily be forged.


Trof’s point is that you have no evidence. He can say anything on that chat, doesn’t mean it has to be true. For all we know, he’s your friend and your trying to get some random guy you hate on realm banned. You can’t prove that’s not what you’re doing.


How can he be my friend though? I’m trying to get him banned and his name is clearly Firesprakz.


Prove to me his realm IGN is firesprakz


Read the upper messages ._.

It clearly says his name is Firesprakz in the messages hes sent to me.



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