How do you combine hot sauce and taco?


I see from an older post they gave hot sauce in Cinco de Mayo 2018 for an event, but we received hot sauce on Cinco de Mayo this year as a free package. I’m wondering how you’re supposed to combine it with the tacos that were also given. The tinkerer shows nothing about it.


I have no idea if they plan on doing that this year/ever in the future. The tinkerer was indeed the normal method in the past, but I would just save the hot sauce in your gift chests for the time being, with nothing manifesting itself.

What’s the worst that could happen? You have useless souvenirs decorating your vault’s “infinite” storage if those quests never materialize.


I think the Parasite and Cem events on 7th of may to 10th of may might be themed on cinco de mayo, and there will be quests for the sauce and tacos, but no one really knows for sure.


is it just the hot sauce you save or the tacos too? do you need both? or can i feed the tacos and save the hot sauce and the tinkerer will have something to do w/ your hot sauces? (wasn’t around for cinco de mayo '18)


Yes, you needed both ingredients to make a spicier taco. There were the varying levels of spicy tacos, and I think that I really needing more than hot sauce and one taco for the biggest level, but I might be confusing that with another event.


The tacos have arrived!


too late… i already fed the tacos and dropped the hot sauce, because i ran outta vault space

why don’t they announce this stuff?


You could’ve left the hot sauce in your gift chests, just saying. I leave most things in those that I’m not sure I’ll ever need


i had already taken them outta my gift chest before this post… someone said to take them to the tinkerer, so i did… then after more questions, nobody really had a clue, so that’s when i came to the forums to see if anyone had any idea

if we wanna play the “could have” game, deca COULD HAVE announced this kinda stuff instead of everyone having to play the guessing game, and leave so many people confused

nobody should be this content making guesses


I think the lesson is that if a player is in a situation like this, they should leave the items in the gift chests.
there is mostly likely an event related to the items, coming up in a few days or so.

adding insult to injury(yes, I'm ok with doing this at the time of this post)

and based on you taking items out of gift chests when it’s superfluous to do so, I deem you an impatient fool.
yes, that’s an insult.


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