How do you like the new Fame Rework?


Personally, I’m pretty happy, most of my chars have more fame than before (with a few exception obviously)
It also feels like the most time played == the most fame earned, which I feel is great!

Here my oldest char (sadly won’t ever play that EP wizard, I’m afraid to let him die xD) :

Glad I killed all those cubes back in the days haha

(here what it would have been before fame rework)


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Personally I love the fame rework, not having to restrict yourself to get those bonuses feels great, just get more by playing and even more by doing a variety rather than just the same thing over and over


Seems like a pretty nice start. I hope this makes it easier to update fame stuff in the future. I’m happy to see more dungeons added to the stats. Encounter and hero kills are cool to track. The tiered bonuses are a nice touch as well. I love that I have a reason to go for more Oryx kills, but the 2nd tier is a bit steep. I’ve never had half that many kills on a single character.

There’s a few things I don’t care for. Like giving fame for drinking potions. It seems like this was only added because thirsty existed before. It might encourage players to waste every hp/mp pot that drops. I don’t really care how many critter/beast/humanoid/undead/nature/grotesque/structure kills I accumulate either. They’re all monsters to me. I don’t see the point in removing the old challenge bonuses (not pacifist) when they could have been given a more appropriate bonus instead. I don’t need to be rewarded for teleporting, but I do think it’s impressive to play this game without it.


I don’t know the tiers requirement (are all the bonus gain/requirement shown anywhere? would be cool to add those on the wiki to be honest), but having infinite tiers is nice in the end, whatever the numbers are.

I see it as a “just play, and eventually you’ll get rewarded” more than “ok I need to focus on doing X oryx kill for the next tier”, which was the way it was with the old stats bonuses.

no clue what “grotesque monsters” are, but structure kills is fun, all those walls you kill are now counted, which is hilarious (those are structures, right? xD). I also wish they add “skulls killed”, since we have “cubes” already (and also, they NEED to add the infamous “sheep kills”, how come that isn’t in it already!!!)

As for the no teleporting, it was really not impressive at all, what was happening was simple, and pretty awful experience (yep, I had it the few times I fame farmed, shame on me) : you just go to the fame train realm with a fast class (not trix or ninja, since mundane too, doh), then you walk your way in that infamous circle and stay until the realm close, then rince and repeat. You also never (or once for tunnel rat) go into any dungeon, because of how much of a bother it is to not be able to teleport (since you can’t shoot either because of accuracy + god kill ratio).

If you never done that, I’m telling you, that’s definitely not something impressive, and it’s suuuuuuuch a bother to play like that, I’m very happy this isn’t a thing anymore :slight_smile:


its a long needed rework :+1:


You can find this link in the blog post (search “bonuses from now on”)


wtf are the things in your inventory? greater hp pots?


Elixirs of Health (stacked hp pots, giving 125hp per charge). It was before pets and before the 6 hp/mp pot bar, at that time you only had 8 inventory spots (no bpack either :p) and you usually kept some hp/mp pots directly in your inventory, so those were premium stuff. You could acquire those only via gold in nexus, or randomly when you bought a chest, because at the time each chest purchased had a random item in them.

Guess now that you don’t get a random item in chest anymore, those are non obtainable anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


But… but… you’re Wawawa :frowning:


This one is retired, he deserve some rest! But don’t worry, he’s still teaching the new generation on how to do EP nonsense xD


There are so many bugs with the latest update that I can’t really form an opinion until they’re sorted. A couple of fame things are bugged and I’d have to calculate my fame on death by hand


I was very wrong. Assists count as kills, so there is no reason to go for the kill shot anymore.


yeah I was going to make a post saying nevov is the only one to have ever reached the req for Oryx nemesis but then I stopped and thought about it.


My wizard has less death fame than before…


Somehow my Ninja, my currently oldest char at approx. 8.6k base fame with currently no counted dungeon completions whatsoever, has a death fame of 33k, making my total boosts amount to about 3.9x…which is pretty insane, given it’s excluding dungeon bonuses to boot!

The real question thus becomes…whatever are we going to do with all this fame?


I sure wouldn’t complain with fame…


Really dislike that all the dungeon completes were wiped. Otherwise it’s okay I guess.


one thing I hate now, is that accuraccy farming is ded… I wasted bout 100 dollars on tomb keys just 2 afk farm… big sad all that fame is gone


Wasn’t that fixed a couple months ago?


I refreshed muledump, and now I see that???


R.I.P. Active Time :cry:

Also, it says I now have friends of the cube? xD
Did all the old stats actually changed in their name or whatnot (explaining why muledump isn’t finding my number of cube kills anymore?)
It still says the same ingame, so I assume that’s the case, but it’s a bit weird still