How do you like the new Fame Rework?


Honestly, I feel like last fame update made alive fame meaningless, and this one makes dead fame meaningless. I mean fame has always been mostly meaningless, but I think these reworks amplified that…


no it doesnt its trash. i have a 100k priest that now gets 150k dead fame when none of it was fame farmed. it was ran thru TONNNSS of halls and parasites. but they wiped the dungeon completes 2 so there goes a big chunk of my fame. and ofc you scrubs that got an increase in fame like it. yall are the noobs they want to keep playing and not those of us that supported it thru money and kept it alive for 10 years. this does nothing but one. create yet another dupe method none of you will ever learn about lmao. and 2 give them a way to just wipe fames purpose and make it useless entirely. it all started with them trying to kill the trains. which were the only communities left keeping the game alive at that point. its no wonder 90% of the ogs are gone. deca is somehow worse then kabam lmao.


Losing dungeon completes is almost certainly a result of changing the way they’re tracked in the database. If you think they did it just to spite you, then there was no pleasing you anyway. It would have been nice to have known in advance that those numbers were going to be reset, but it’s not like we didn’t know our fame totals would be wildly different after the update.


To elaborate on this, I believe now they made it basically so you can grind/buy dead fame too, whereas before you had to play a certain way to achieve certain bonuses - however, those bonuses could not be continuously grinded by buying more keys, or continuously grind dead fame by just buying gear selling for pots and chugging… The new update enables p2w for dead fame as well as alive fame.

Edit: Also, it just dawned on me that after they have released the rune fame box - this fame rework update essentially provides the only way to translate realm gold via keys/tops rwt or whatnot into straight rune purchases. Like how much do the rwt sites sell 8/8 pots for? Now they can just buy those, kill 4 characters, and roll for a rune.


Pretty good, I like the improved ways to gain fame. I know removing dungeon completions was probably necessary for the new system, but Deca should have tried a lot harder to transfer them over if possible (maybe they did try, who knows), there’s probably a lot of people who care about those sorts of statistics. And there’s the fact it wasn’t even mentioned publically.


I also have chars who did lot of voids with now less fame than before, but hey, I feel it’s ok. voids (and parasite tbh) were the best dungeons to get fame on, and they kinda were the new fame train. You rush the lost hall without killing anything to get that sweet fame at the boss, then rince and repeat. Yes, it wasn’t as obnoxious as fame train circle, but still, that was very repetitive, and in the end, it was just a grind of a very small part of rotmg, just like the fame train.

Also, you’re saying fame train kept the game alive, wtf? Is this game really about going around in circle and doing the same thing over and over? That’s what you truly want the game to be? Not going in a realm, playing with random people, doing different dungeons, exploring the realm, etc? In your opinion, it should be doing the very same dungeon/circle time and time again?

The old gamers are gone because of pets, as that is what radically changed the game, it made dying harder and lowered skill cap in general, and then it made dungeons starting to be balanced around that, which makes it even worse. Hopefully deca did nerf pets, but still, the core part of the permadeath being really hard, or the fact you’d rather keep an hp pot in inventory instead of a stat potion is gone. Healers are not as important as before, there’s also the issue of perma ability (it used to be 1seal use every 30sec or so), you don’t wait to regen, you can’t even choose to be crazy and go deep while blinking, because you now only blink 1-2sec with an ok pet. I do miss the adrenaline rush I used to have when I had low health and stayed in the fight, or when I wondered around trying to find a healer with some mp. I do miss the good old “thanks mate, you saved my life, here that item for you” and the friends I got by doing those things. I do miss mobs not getting steamrolled (yeah, even cube god used to take 5min, and only 10ppl max doing it). Those are the things that made the old players leave, and it wasn’t even deca’s fault but kabam’s.

Anyway, if you really believe the game should be only about a single dungeon, or about a single circle in a realm, that is pretty sad in my honest opinion.


May I mention that LH rushes dramatically increases fatality rate.

That’s what large group Discord raids exactly are.

Already did, but as an indirect nerf. Aka IC/OoC. If In Combat, H/MH cooldown increased by 2 seconds.

With a pet, I play darn reckless and getting my characters killed faster than pet-less counterparts.

Whenever I play as support Priest, I don’t expect my teammates saying “Thanks” to me but it would be a nice bonus if they did.

Eventually adaptive HP scaling will take place to realm enemies more than just dungeons. But yes, when I saw an encounter, I always hope that dudes won’t steamroll them like nuts especially for me who does not teleport again even after fame rework.


Excuse me, what?

My 50k base fame huntress currently has a total fame multiplier of about 2x. I think some things might be borked.

Yes; but I’m just saying that Seelpit’s character has most likely done a lot less than mine (just due to not being played as much), yet reports much higher bonuses. Assuming we are both getting info from the in-game calculations, there are likely some inconsistencies.


Flat numbers on the fame bonuses that’s why.


I do like the general idea behind it, definitely better than some of the older bonuses like pacifist and mundane. These bonuses, as mentioned by Deca, finally reward you for playing the game as it should be rather than imposing strange challenges that render the player more useless in contribution to a team game.

My main gripe with it mainly has to do with the technical side of things, mainly the fact that the dungeon collection category of fame bonuses doesn’t get counted well. I’ve done every dungeon in the fame bonus list for the “Kabam Era” fame bonus, yet it still says +0 for instance. I won’t base my opinion too much on this tho, as I believe the devs are still working on fixing it.

The values of some fame bonuses don’t seem to make sense. Like for instance, apparently killing 1000 cubes gives you the same amount of fame bonus (2500 fame) as killing 50000 gods? For a fame rework, I also find it a bit strange that the star fame requirements have not changed as well. As it is now, you can sit at the beach and kill 1000 cubes and that gets you white star without ever having to leave the lvl 1 area of the game.

The “Complete 1 of every dungeon in the game” is a fame bonus challenge that I find is extremely unrealistic to complete, and the fame reward also doesn’t reflect the difficulty of accomplishing such a feat. Seasonal dungeons are still somewhat ok since they always come back, like the Rainbow Road or Santa’s Workshop. But some, like the heroic dungeons and the battle for nexus, do not really come back consistently (ie. seasonal) and are in very limited quantities. Hopefully something is done to either make them seasonal or permanent but hard to find (eg. Alien dungeons outside of events)


Steam achievements still give you “White Star” once you get 65 stars.
update never


My thoughts are mixed.

I like the way the base fame gain was bumped up across the board in a way that encourages actually playing the game instead of just running in circles in the godlands. The change to having kills (and fame) only be awarded to those who dealt sb damage is a mixed bag for me, though. On the one hand, it encourages people actually helping, so you don’t have a ton of people in a massive group who never shoot and get fame anyways. On the other hand, it makes it harder to adopt the “you handle that group, I handle this group, we both benefit” mentality, because if you don’t hit every enemy available, you’re missing out on fame. It also seems to impact melees more than ranged characters, though I can’t speak to this personally since I’ve only played huntress since the most recent update.

The big thing that I have noticed is the relative lack of %-based bonuses; while the dungeon collection and maxing bonuses grant an additional % of fame, the others are flat numbers. This is what allows a brand new character to get 2k within an hour by just killing a bunch of cubes on the beach, and it also makes it so that having a long-lived character isn’t quite as beneficial (my huntresses’ bonuses bring it to a death fame that is about 2x the alive fame despite having over 50k base fame, while much lower fame characters have 4x or more). Please note that this observation was made shortly after the fame rework, and so I haven’t had time on my character to get a huge number of dungeons completions or kills of various kinds, so my opinion on this particular aspect is definitely a fluid one and may change.


I noticed that too. I found that kills now counts by SB damage inflicted, not just landing the final hits on Oryx.