How do you Nexus?


I use Q since it’s right next to WASD


I uses tab


The real question is: How do you Nexus in the event of a “SwatsecOne”?


Better idea. Don’t play.




close the tab, switch to a different server



I believe that Swatsec hit all the servers with the atttack.



I use shift, actually. My pinky is always on it, so it’s useful as a nexus key.


I also use shift, it feels most natural given where the WASD keys are.


I use left-click. :poop:


I don’t go to the Realm, why would you risk your life to get items that will help you in staying alive in the realm when you can avoid entering in the first place?


Default binds ftw
Q, E to rotate
R to nexus


I currently use R, but I used to have it bound to Esc.
This was probably because it made sense to me, because Nexus = Escape
…which would’ve been fine, if it weren’t for THIS


button, which is right underneath the Escape key, and was bound to opening Guild Chat.
I vividly remember dying on a Knight perfectly fine by opening GChat that way. I think that was the second knight I’ve ever made.


R never fucking works. I just force quit the game.


I wonder if any realm historians can give us a breakdown of how default nexus keys have changed…everyone who claims “f” == nexus must (?) have started playing earlier/later than me, since “f” has always been hp pot for me.


Good Answer


that’s really not a good idea.
if you get insta’d its better to hit the key.
you can hit the key and still look at the screen but you can’t whilst trying to press a button on the side.


this isn’t really something based of how time has changed, but people used to click the nexus button on the side when the game first came out, also i know some older players used space a lot and f for ability.


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