How do you setup your game in a way you don't miss lh and o3 raids?


Let me explain. I come back after a little while, and the evolution to Exalt had me a little confused with my old habits.

I used to have the game in the middle of my screen, with OBS just below to check if i was recording or not (I didn’t find a way to know when OBS is recording while in full screen, if someone knows, I’d be glad to accept the help) and LH discord on the right so I could instantly see if a LH raid was starting.

Now that I play in fullscreen, I can see neither OBS nor Discord. So as I tried to play in windowed and reduced resolution, which is not confortable at all, I was wondering how you guys who do lots of raid are not missing a single one while playing in fullscreen.

Thanks for your time!


from what i saw on screenshare (i was in the black bullet discord), people have their Discord overlays on

and they’d alt tab out

gotta adjust to new habits i guess


Don’t do fullscreen. Keep your preferred resolution and adjust the height and width of your game window in regedit. I just messed around with numbers until I got what I wanted (It will be the screenmanagerresolutionheight and screenmanagerresolutionwidth values). I do it to almost maximum size just so I can see my discord tab on the bottom of my screen, but you could adjust to your liking.


I do a vast majority of exaltation dungeons windowed, but do Voids and o3 in full screen. I normally just have my game windowed until I get into the baz / realm and then full screen from there in those cases.


I would use the discord overlay maybe if your on windows. Then you could join the vc fom there. It is transparent which is cool so it is less risky then alt tabbing. If you are able to, you could maybe set up a second monitor if you have one.


I use a second monitor and it works out great.
Also, use discord on a cellphone or something to keep up with raids.


Also anothing I do to get into a random raid is using the discord quick switcher. Adter I put !raid and most open raiding vcs pop up.


Thanks you all for your answers! I definitly will try some of these. I sadly dont have a second monitor.

I am glad you offered your help to make me further step into the new experience that RotMG Exalt is! Thanks again and see you in the realm!
(If someone else has another way to go, feel free to still comment on this topic)


I use the text-to-speech feature in discord to hear when a run is happening in the channels i don’t have muted. I’ll mute/unmute depending on what I want to do and when a new run goes up the computer will just read it out loud regardless of where I’m looking. The bots usually have different names so I know which server is doing a run even if the text being read could be the same for multiple servers.
With this I barely have to look at discord other than to connect to the vc and/or react.


How do you do that?



Thank you


Still idk how to get it to work. I know how to send tts messages but not receive any


nvm i figured it out


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