How do you think RotMG would play like with a Joystick?


Just a random thought that came into mind. I’m imagining how it would be to have complete control in terms of directions your player can walk, instead of the 8 directions from WASD. We sorta have that with rotation, but imagine how movement would be like with rotation and 360 degree movement? Also, with a Joystick, you could theoretically also control the movement speed, with fulling pushing the control stick making the character move at their maxed speed, which would also be interesting to see.

Let’s not think about how the heck confusion would work


How would u aim abilities? lol


I’d assume one of the two sticks could control a cursor, which is kind of eh.


still 8 directional snice realm doesn’t support 360 analog


I love Twinstick shooters, but 360 movement with a controllable speed was more akin to what I was thinking about. I was thinking like a singular joystick, but a mouse set up for aiming. Thinking about it like that, I think the only reasonable set up IRL would be closer to an arcade cabinet than a computer. Or maybe a single Joy-con in your left hand and mouse in your right? It feels really dumb imagining how it would work in a typical computer setup.

However, I’m thinking less about the actual logistics of getting it to work in the first place, and more about theorizing how movement with a joystick would affect the moment-to-moment gameplay. Like imagine the Parasitic Chambers or Dammah, where you can just slightly tilt a joystick instead of tapping the same keys with starting and stopping for precision dodging. Or dodging Killer Queen and the Nest shots without the need to rotate the camera at all because of the extra movement directions 360 degree movement allows. Things like that.


there is actually an rl that plays rotmg on a controller. I don’t know how and I forgot who because it was a few months back


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I wonder how the inventory would work with a controller in such a fast paced game like this


No that’s not what I meant. I meant that I didn’t see the message you put containing the thread.


Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch people have been speculating about a Realm port to the Switch. But I still can not imagine how that would work.

You have to be able to move the cursor around quickly whilst dodging, using an ability and potions and maybe even some chatting. It just doesn’t feel right, probably because I’m used to playing Realm with a keyboard and mouse, but sometimes I try to imagine and visialize Realm on a console in my head and I just don’t get it to work out.


I think he knew what you meant…


In the case of a Switch, hot keys would be fine, though fine tuning some options and certainly the chat would be an issue. Trying to do Among US on Switch helped to prove that. Touch screen compatibility might simplify some features… for Switch specifically though, I wouldn’t trust Rotmg for the joycon drift alone! Imagine fighting MBC with that problem lol


I actually play realm with a steam controller. I have the left joystick for movement and the psudo-joystick/track pad on the right act as a mouse pad with the cursor centered on the character so as you move towards the edges of the pad your cursor goes further out and while you’re moving it you also fire. This allows for aiming abilities and firing with ease. when you let go it just snaps back to your character and you stop firing. Then I just use triggers for camera rotation and bumpers for spell/entering portals. Thanks to steam controllers also having the function to act as a mouse I have a seperate scheme that you can swap to with a button press allowing the track pad usually used for aiming to free scroll similar to a track-ball and this lets me pick up stuff out of bags. Overall I have no issues playing it, but obviously modern consoles dont have even half of the capabilities that a steam controller offers so the game would need some adjustments to accommodate for the reduced controller capability.

I have not tried O3 with controller, but I have cleared plenty of voids with it so I’m sure O3 is possible too.