How does nectar crossfire compare to predator bow?


I would pfiffel it myself but don’t have laptop access rn, also if you do find it consider adding that to the nectar crossfire’s page.


Nectar with full set vs Nectar with an average set vs Predator with an average set (if you’re hitting only 3 shots and not sitting on stuff for max dps)

As you can see full set Nectar is only slightly worse then Predator around 0 DEF, and takes a sharp plummet at higher enemy DEF. Same with Nectar as a standalone weapon. But Predator does more damage period, no matter the DEF. Plus, with Predator, you’re getting the extra 2 shots in the back just in case.


Good lord, those Oryx Weapons really need tweaks.

To bee fair, Nectar was intended as more of a clearing weapon (akin to…uh…Covert?) rather than a single-target demolition machine.
But from what I’ve heard, Predator just throws that concept out the window, sheesh.


Write on the nectar crossfires page that the oryx bow outdamages and outranges it in every situation, even with the full set on, effectively being a direct upgrade?


Wait yeah what was DECA thinking?

And the dagger is almost direct upgrade from CDirk (iirc you’re doing very comparable DPS with 5.2 range and virtually no drawbacks… it’s like a T16 dagger imo) and pretty much strongest in the game…

The wand is ok, unique concept, good use.
Katana I think is also ok iirc

Buff sword, buff staff, they’re both useless


But I dropped so many of them…


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