How I merch


I know I might get some hate for marching, but I do it to afford to max my char and I play the game

  1. Sell def pots for 4:1 and buy for 5:1
  2. Once you have enough life, merch ubhp-idk current price
  3. Then merch decas, buy them for ubhp plus 3 and sell for ubhp plus 7. Also you can merch pixies, buy for ubhp plus 9 and sell for deca plus 6
  4. Finally, merch high demand skins, buy for 2 deca and sell for 3


Cool, thanks.


On the other hand, you can trade all you own for hella fp, and then make a charachter by having an OP pet and playing the game :smiley:


Or play the game normally. Or even just grind out lost halls. You get like 1-2 life per halls which take 10-15 minutes.


My stars are too low to join discords


Still need fame


High-value skins aren’t really in high demand, sadly. It takes around a day or two(from my experience at least) to get an offer, and then you have to set up a time when you are both on. Scammers are rampant in the trade server too.

The deca-ubhp step works well though, for life is practically worthless to people who grind lhs and they value their time over getting a 2-3 life profit out of a trade, which you can spend your time profiting off of.


pretty sure pub halls doesnt have reqs but I may be mistaken


Which you get by playing the game…

In the beginning, one of the easiest things to trade for is probably uncommon pet eggs. There are always people who are willing to pay high for them along with people who are willing to sell low.

Moving up, the tradeable top tiered have values that are jumping all over the place so it’s easy to buy low and sell high. If you’re working with melee abilities, you can buy at 1 and sell for 2 to 3. With the less wanted abilities, you can sometimes buy at a def and sell for life.

When you pull up to the value of STs, there’s two main strats I recommend (note, I’ve never tried trading with UBHPs so not sure how they work). The value of pixies, etherites, ST spells, soulless robes, and decades are more or less interchangeable (Note: pixies are generally considered worth a bit more). Because of this, it’s easy to trade one for the other and just mark it up a bit. I’ve traded a decade to etherite +2 life and then etherite to decade+3 life making my overall trade deca for deca+5l. Look at realmeye. There’s always people willing to trade up. The other strat is to simply buy individual parts of an ST set and sell the full set at an higher price. People are always willing to pay more for convenience though I’m not sure if people want the ST sets anymore…

Skins prices are currently not worth investing in. Few people actually want to buy skins as most people who can afford skins already have a lot of skins due to the large amount of events.

Also, looking for good deals, check around when you’re playing the game. When you’re just playing around, there are generally people who are willing to offer what appears like really good trades because they’re too lazy to go wait in USW2 or post on realmeye (personal experience). If it takes me 2 minutes to complete a sew, I’m willing to pay an extra def for my life if it means not having to travel to USW2 and waste my time. Why go to USW2 to purchase gear when you can offer a slightly high price while leveling yourself? The people with more wealth care less about wealth and more about time and so they’re willing to heavy OP.


Dude you sound like one of the people that play a sport at my school lmao

“MaRcHING BAnD is NoT A sPoRT”


FYI, Lost Halls Discords do not require a certain amount of Stars.

Here is how you play RotMG without so much of the unhealthy trading and the fun way:

  • Spam Level 20 characters, acquiring a bunch of Potions.

  • Trade in these rainbow Potions to max DPS stats – ATT and DEX (preferably DEF as well)

  • Run Lost Halls (whether it’s the Discord or your guild). You should be able to get 1-2 Life every time you do one, and each run takes ~10 minutes. In that case, at worst, that’s ~6 Life per hour. At best, that’s ~12 Life per hour. 1-2 hours every day and you’ll wind up with a Decade every day.

  • After a week of grinding LH (only 14 hours at most), you’ll have at least 7 Decades. If you do it for 2 weeks, you’ll have at least 14 (enough to fill nearly 2 Vaults).

  • Use the Decades to buy whatever you want – 8/8 a bunch of characters, and maybe even buy a couple Skins.

  • Keep grinding LH occasionally and you’ll have an endless supply of Life and Decades.


Holy shit… you play 14 hours a week? I play like 2… max


I have never played 14 hours in a single week. On average, I play around thirty minutes every day (3-4 hours p/week), usually to just slowly advance in my PPEs. I only mentioned the above to express how you could exponentially get rich in RotMG in just a couple weeks.


I play 7 hours a week


Are you sure you are in a position to be writing guides on merching when you’ve never managed to go above 1/8?

If you want to use merching as a way to skip godlands farming then you should focus on making Atk/Spd/Dex/Def 4/8 characters with at most full old tops. Merching is useless if all you do is make 1/8 UbHp Warriors that die faster than you can remake them.


My old account was an orange star


Then why are you prioritizing gear over maxed stats?


He’s talking about trading to max stats! Also, orange star means nothing…


I’m mostly doing a pot ppe, I keep my realmeye pot trade prices high enough so I have to farm most pots for myself


Yeah, no.