How many base fame for 800 fame on death?


im currently grinding for orange star and i want to know how many BF i need before i suicide with 800.

going to suicide with all of my items with 4% fame bonus.


Depends on your bonuses.

You can use this tool here

and then once you hit the base fame you want, check that it’s 800, then kill your character.


Why not even try for 2000 if you are that far along?

Also just go to nexus and click the icon seen next to your total fame. It will tell you base fame for your character as well total fame if you were to die. You can also see this on your character select screen by clicking on the fame icon of each live character.


i dont have the appetite to get that amount of death fame, my net is garbage atm so that will be done in a far future.


grinding for orange star




You need at most 800 fame in order to get at least 800 fame on death. :jack_o_lantern:


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When you are in the nexus you can press the little button next to your total fame on the top of the screen that will tell you how much fame your character will earn when it dies.


I keep on getting 1800 TF on my chars -_-

The necessary BF of farming all bonuses is about 280 (or something like that).


Just die naturally, don’t rush your stars


but now im used to not dying.


Then play the game naturally. Using the train for pets is fine, but if you use it solely to get orange star it’s frowned upon.


but im too impatient to get it.


I’d say about 625, depending on bonuses, but you should be fine.


I agree though that can be valid if you have no bonuses, I trust most people have at least one by level twenty.


k finally got 800 fame on my sorc. orange star FTW!

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