How many obsidian dungeon shards have you gotten?


How many shards have you gotten from Davy Jones’ Locker so far?

(Counting the free one from the calendar)

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  • 9
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I have two in total currently. I did only one Davy Jones’ Locker though… I feel like I’m missing so many Ghost Ships…


second time with no 0 option :c I havn’t even redeemed the platinum one.


tfw you can’t get on bcuz school and you see this :frowning:


lul i did 17 davys and got 17 shards

yall r weak




These shards must be guaranteed, I got 1 shard in 1 locker and so did everyone else in the locker, which sort of removes the point of this thread.


didnt even claim the calendar one


I haven’t been able to start either. I feel you man ;( . (Could someone make a sad winking emoji)


They aren’t. I’ve done 4 davys and only got one shard.


let’s look at this

do you really think i can get anything with this many people?


Yo, which server is that? EUN is dead and USS hasn’t popped a davy in hours.


rates seem to be high.
I did 9 davys, got 4 shards, spectral, ring, sprit dagger, st shield, oreo and bunch of pots. All this within like 10 minutes


I haven’t seriously played since the shatters event ended so one

With the hightened level of coordination between the average players I seriously doubt you did roughly a davy’s per minute


USEast2, Lock Fploop for easy 120 people davy’s. Or you could join some private 7 people ones :wink:


I got 10 easily in the first 5-6 hours from when I got home from school, solely from publicly opened davies.


Second option pls :sunglasses:


Well, I logged off, but my guild is popping some private ones in GHall, give LeMarMar a PM.


He said no :frowning:


Got 12 just today, in pub ones, obvious not with 100+ ppl, but 40/50. Drop rates are much higher than udls i think.