How money much does Realmeye website makes?


I probably am the first one to ask this question.

I just noticed some ads on the site
I wonder how much money does it make?


Might want to fix the title by switching words. Also I feel like they don’t but don’t quote me.


Due to the anonymous nature of “MrEyeBall”, I don’t think you will get an answer to such a question.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad in the wiki/forum section of the website. Since those two are usually what people use RealmEye for, probably not a lot?

EDIT: Player searches have them, though. I’m an idiot.

This is a very rough estimate, so please don’t flame me if I’m mistaken.

I assume around $0.20 per one thousand page views, which seems pretty reasonable as long they’re paid just for having the ads displayed. In the Active Players tab in RealmEye’s player statistics, around 80,000 players actively play the game. Let’s say 1/2 of them are not bots, know about RealmEye’s existence, consistently use the website for trading and player searching, and do not use any adblocker. If each of them go through around 20 pages daily, that means that 40,000x20=800,000 pages are viewed each day. 800x0.2=$160 per day.

But we also need to consider the costs of maintaining the website, which I don’t think I’ll get into since I’m probably already way off. :joy:


I would be shocked if the number of players matching your description is even 1000, let alone 40K. Using your other numbers, which I don’t really know enough to comment on, that would give you an estimate of $4 per day.


There are over 2,000 forumers with the Member rank (Member, not Basic). While 40,000 is most likely an overestimate, I feel like much more than just a thousand people use RealmEye daily.