How Not to Die


After playing this game for a good 4 years (not original account), I have truly experienced the game and after dying a plethora of times, I’d think I would learn from my mistakes like a normal human being. But yet as I play and die to ludicrous things, I start to question myself… have I really not learned anything from playing this game? Well yes I did(this game is trash and white bags keep me playing this game) but at the same time these deaths make me feel like a naive child and I look at the leader board with high amounts of fame and I ask myself how the hell did my 7/8 just die to a burst trap with only 1k fame surviving a maximum of 3 days but this guy’s character survived a lot more time than me and he was in a more difficult situation than me. Basically what I’m saying is, I would like some tips and I already have a great amount of knowledge about the dungeons and the game itself, I am very good with the controls and my pet is decent that’s got hp mp and electric. But yet my characters can’t survive more than 2 days. I feel quite foolish after a lot of my deaths and I bet a lot of you do too. Please share what you have.Thanks :slight_smile:

How not to die?

practicing is the key, you should also try to play safer and evaluate the risks of each thing you may do or not. the question is if you do really want to waste time by dying on a maxed character on something that may not be worth it. That’s my opinion to avoid dying successively on stupid things.


have you ever seen Talwar play this game it’s almost retarded how careful he is this might just be in his vids but he acts like everything is a lost halls or something


That me (90% of The time)

Except for rushing shatter


1.dont take a risk r when you know what going to happen if you don’t death montage

  1. Have good pet

5.dont do stupid things like rushing udl with non melee or AFK

and don’t forget to fame train


Play nothing but ninja for a few months. Once you’ve mastered it go back to other classes and immediately notice how good you are since you’ve been practicing with a class that requires skill to use.

Or just buy a divine pet, either way works. :sunglasses:


Your Ninja lobbying is reaching Paden vs Neckro levels of cancer


Don’t play recklessly, Nexus when you need to…
Basically as Cranky once told me,


git gud…
It doesn’t help

  1. Don’t be reckless and do stupid things
  2. Always keep an eye out for your hp
  3. Don’t rush unless you know you’re able to
  4. Set an hp limit for yourself. If you drop near it, nexus
  5. Put on hp bars
  6. Show hp/mp text
  7. Don’t try to tank it out
  8. Always be ready to nexus
  9. Try to cut down on lag (I know this is kind of vague, but there’s a lot of things you could do to lower your lag)
  10. If you’re lagging really really bad or your screen freezes up nexus or close your whatever you’re playing on immediately
  11. Only do end game or higher level dungeons when you’re maxed


Don’t play.


Do the opposite of what I do.


They way to not die more is too keep dying.

It may sound stupid, but when you die it’s a learning experience.

And those learning experiences can help you not to make those mistakes. I will take 100s and 100s of deaths.

So just think of every death like a learning experience.


You just have to actually learn from mistakes which is something that OP isn’t doing properly. But you are correct about taking death as a learning experience, but it’s even better to learn to nexus before death of course.


That comes naturally when you are about to die. I never said keep dying, but I am saying dying is a learning experience. Nexusing will come naturally


idk I experience the same thing, but I note to myself that it’s by choice - I could play carefully if I wanted to, but it’s a lot more fun to play in a risky manner, even if I end up dying more often.
Though I do keep telling myself I’m actually going to play carefully one of these days it just never ends up happening. - and that’s why I just lost my only cutlass after being sat on by septavius’s shotgun.:skull_and_crossbones:


as Cranky once told me during the 80’s,




Just don’t die dude, it’s easy /s

Just nexus, alot, if you’re doing a dungeon and your character has anything more valuable than what can drop in the dungeon, nexus if you get into a scary situation, if what you’re getting isn’t worth all of the work you put into the character, then nexus as soon as you’re in danger. If you keep dying because you can’t nexus fast enough then learn what enemies do alot of damage and nexus if you get dangerously close to a group of them. it just takes practice

don’t mind my graveyard I’m good, I promise.