How rare is the Bloody Surprises Cloak?


i got this from the keyper earlier today, and i called it out and people were spam TP trading me to see proof of it. are these really rare?

until now, i’ve literally never seen one ever. if they are rare, how rare are we talking? did i get surprisingly lucky?


meh, its just an event white, people would be spam trading and tp’ing from any event white ig. we dont really know the % but it’s pretty rare. gratz on it!


really? i got a jugg a few days ago from hermit and called it and nobody even batted an eye


Think its because people are curious since it was a keyper drop.

Also, Doctor Aphra!


a lotta people joke they got a jugg, too


I don’t think it’s any rarer than the other event whites, I think the reason why people are still interested in it is that it hasn’t been around as long as jugg and the other highly desired event whites so there’s more people who haven’t ticked that one off yet. yes, LH has been out for several years now, but jugg and ogmur have been around even longer.

additionally, most event whites have been used in some sort of event before, either the items themselves (such as the infamous ice cave ogmur chest) or reskins of them (reskin conflict/jugg/vile obtainable by tokens), or maybe even both. to the best of my knowledge, the cloak of bloody surprises has never been exposed to either of these kinds of events. the only way to get it is from the realm encounter itself, which gives it a unique distinction not granted to many UT’s in the game. it might even be the only one that hasn’t been touched like that. I can’t think of any alternatives right this second because it’s late and I don’t want to do research, but nothing freely comes to mind that’s been untouched by both reskins and chest events. or at least, nothing else that matters (like the spider’s eye ring).


Correct me if I’m wrong, but these event whites also come to mind (I added the aforementioned cloak for the sake of completeness):


Honorable mentions (non-white event drops (that haven’t been sold in the nexus AFAIK)):




Event whites that have been in player events, token rewards, campaign rewards, chest events, reskinned, reskinned into alternate dungeons, et cetera:

-> image image
image -> image
image -> image
image -> 4CnRJPt
image -> image
image image image < - > image
(The frozen quiver came out before the others, however the bee quivers are event whites, and the frozen quiver can be obtained through player events)
image -> image image
image -> imageimage image image
image image CMkZedE -> image
(While reskins, these are technically event whites from the Permafrost Lord, which were then also dropping from the player event chests)
CMkZedE -> image


I think it dropped from a wc event at least once


bloody cloak did?

I remember a couple wc events that contained the armoured cloak, but I don’t remember a bloody cloak event happening.


ah I don’t remember the cloak being in that event, but I remember the event whites being in the wc event




I mentioned conflict and vile already, their reskins are these two items:

Kageboshi also doesn’t qualify because it used to drop within the temple instead of from the realm encounters, so it’s been used in the earlier MT chests

I know oreo was in one of the very early OT chests that happened shortly after deca took over way back in 2016 because my friend was flipping out super hard at the time

tablet’s been used in some shatters chests, I know because that’s where I got my two tablets instead of from the avatar

vitamine buster, swift bunny helm, and keychain cutlass all don’t count because they’re from limited events and aren’t always on. I would like to put the alien armors in that category as well but they are technically still around, just rarely. they’re in this weird in-between state.

so that just leaves bloody surprises, the crystal poison, and the alien armors depending on how you count them. there was an event of sorts centered around the aliens that made the armors more obtainable, it was called motmg.


A fellow star wars fan I see.

What’d you think of the rise of sky walker?



Thank you!


A couple of other things with Bloody Cloak not yet mentioned:

The Sentry being optional to fight, means overall fewer players fight it than the Quest Marker events, so this contributes a little to it being a rarer item across the playerbase. Even if it has the same drop rate as Ogmur, Viletrap, Tablet etc, fewer players will have looted Bloody due to this.

And then there’s the thing that it’s not an auto-wear item, as it slows to self and has a longer cooldown, which are quite big downsides, so even the people who do loot it might never use it (bit like the event white Conflict Orb in this regard), along with rogue being a less popular class than melees, so both factors contribute to less Bloodies being seen ‘out in the wild’.

Twas this one: Bagston’s Back... Alright! The Ultimate Chest Combo Event! (Nov 25 to Nov 28)


I do distinctly remember getting a tablet from a shatters event so that one isnt valid. Sorry bout that m8. Believe it was around last christmas?


Yep, Tablet was included in this Shatters event: New Event Chest: The Shatters from Dec 29 to Jan 02 (over New Year 2017-18). It was a “clear all enemies to spawn the chest” event.


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