How robust is the Archer's paralyze?


I am curious about the community opinions on the paralyze agency of the Archer. How does the Archer’s paralyze stack up against other options? Is the overall effect significant on the class?

My opinion: I feel as though the Aether Orb and Coral Trap have lent this very powerful debuff to already-strong classes, and have hurt the Archer as a class for little good reason. I also feel as though these abilities are significantly easier to affect enemies with than a tiered quiver. They are forgiving in terms of aim, and enjoy a radial effect (which in most situations, imo, is better than the line locus of a quiver). The downside is that they cannot be spammed like a quiver can, and there is an opportunity cost in terms of not using a tiered Orb to curse in case of a Mystic (not even berserk, as that will be removed). The Aether Orb does not deal damage, as a Quiver does - but the Quiver’s damage is trivial in the late mid-game. Finally, electric pets are just broken and have trivialized paralyze (and justified paralyze immunity in every corner of the game).

There is also the issue of quivers having relatively less meaningful tier progression in the current state of the game (the damage mattered a lot in early realm). Perhaps longer paralyze times can return power to the Archer without being broken when status effect immunity is implemented?

What do you think? Are these not problems at the end of the day because Archer is a strong class fundamentally? Does the nature of the quiver make it better than those paralyzing options for you?


Even as someone with no Electric pet, a disdain for Coral, and a Mystic I only use for Chests, I still find myself using Void Quiver over my tiered one at least 80% of the time.

To me, there’s just not enough boon in paralyzing an enemy unless I’m in a group, in which case I’ll often consider myself more of a “secondary” paralyzer. Maybe has to do with my playstyle…


I mainly played archer for a while when I started playing again - and I must admit that I fell into that same style without having a particular preference for it. With the way the game has evolved, the tiered quivers all feel like a poor man’s version of some ability that some other class has. And of course, UTs that do away with paralyze entirely get my attention. Ironically, Archer does not have access to the best paralyzing UTs.


I would say slow>paralyze when you have a good electric pet since and there is so much immune stuff anyways

Backed when I actually played I used the void quiver ~70% of the time, beehemoth (or rather the winter reskin) ~20% of the time, qot ~6% of the time and t6 4% of the time.


On my archer I almost always use QoT or bee quiver. If I ever get a void quiver I would use that. Low key want quiver the most out of all the whites lol


not very robust at all. archer has not aged well.


‘The Archer has not aged well’ is a title I wanted to use, but I decided to take a more open approach :sweat_smile:


thought you were talking about your new st archer at first