How should i get vault and char space the cheapest?


i have run out of space on my main which has on char slot and one vault chest. I have two options if i want to keep my ninja;

  1. Wait 2 months for 2 vault coupons and another for a char slot, this involves loging on everyday and not dieing (this is my longest surviving char) or

  2. I can spend money

So what should i do and what should i buy if i spend money?

this is my ninja:


spend money on the beginners pack

$20 for 2 vault 2 char and 2000 gold

preeetty good


is it available at the moment?


should be? i think


i will check


I would recommend getting rid of the following items:

  1. Kendo stick (I don’t care if you think its lucky)
  2. Captain’s ring
  3. Maybe the coral ring.


it is not there rip
i think it is because they were making a new one and haven’t released it yet, or it has a timer and i missed it


that gives me more space on my char but i need space to safely store UTs, i just fed a murky a sseal and a ew waki


Didn’t they replace the old $20 beginner pack with a new $5 one with 1 slot, 1 chest, merlin skin, and some other stuff?


The 3 slots for 20$ is decent value, I bought that one a few times. IMO slots > chests because you can always store items on characters you are not currently playing on.


I am pretty certain his account is too old for a beginner pack.

At this point, waiting seems like an unrealistic way to go. Then it just comes down to which pack you want. I would say go with character slots to get some back-ups or pot farmers. From there, you will want chests as moving things from one character to another will get tedious and time consuming.


thanks for the advise


ty as well


nvm i died reeee
i hate confuse and lag
i got confused while in a shats the confuse didn’t immediately happen so i most away then clicked r then went into the stream of 270 damage bullets and died.


Honestly, spending 20$ for the 5 vault chests isn’t all that bad for a deal. Of course you could get better if you waited for a better package, but for now it isn’t all that bad.


Wait did you die with that ray katana? Big rip.
The next thing you should do is make a apot farming character or account that will be just for godland farming.


rip ray and st star and spirit dagger/feedpower
im making a wizard to farm life in lost halls i think, but ive never even completed the halls or reach troom or mc


If you’re having trouble even reaching it to boss you might want to consider playing a melee since they’re tankier. SB in halls is pretty low too so you can do damage in the safer phases and then hang back the rest of the fight.


For the first time you should just farm cults and attack the boss only in the final phases (when malus eats the other cultists), because before that there will be SHOTGUNS.
There is a chance you may die.


Wait for ample packs