How to insta-kill Ents (new fastest way to solo clear a realm?) and how to farm QoT super efficiently


Hello RealmEye Fourms! I never post here, so apologies if this is the wrong place for this, but I posted this on Reddit and felt that this post fit neatly with the type of stuff that is on here, and I think as many people should see this as possible. This is fully x-posted from my post on r/Rotmg.

Credit to u/Terrifiedchildren6 and u/YOYOYOYOL for teaching me this in this thread:

Required: Ninja with max Dex, and (maybe) max Att, and Void Blade

Optional: 3/4ths of the Raijin Disciple Set (the Ninja set with Tenne), Dex/Att gear, Dex/Att exalts, max Def, max Life, Electric pet

Background (not important):

As someone that mains Trix and is hunting every white in the game (including event whites), I’m always looking for faster ways to close realms. So far, the meta has been Trix + T0 Prism + Gem/Snake Eye Ring + speed gear. With this set, the thing that takes up the bulk of the time clearing realms is literally just waiting for Ents to grow and become killable. The way this has been mitigated before is to activate an Ent, then run far enough away from it to have your quest marker lock onto 1-3 other Ents, and activate those, before doubling back to kill the first Ent. This is obviously a huge hassle, and if this could be skipped, it would shave a TON off of closing a realm. Before today, I had NEVER seen this strat mentioned ANYWHERE, and it seemingly is not that well known because the occasional accidental insta-kill garners a decent amount of attention on Reddit. This strat is able to turn those occasional accidental kills into almost 100% consistency.

Guide (the only important part and the TL;DR):

Safe way (does not kill Greater Nature Sprites): Activate the Ent, and don’t buff. Wait until evaluation phase is over (when it stops flashing blue/when it says “Mmm? Did you say something, mortal?”), and immediately start sitting on it and Void Blading it. In my testing worked ~90% of the time. If you forget and don’t immediately start sitting on the Ent, it is still possible to insta it, but it becomes much more inconsistent.

Slightly risky way (kills Greater Nature Sprites): Same thing, but Void Blade the Ent the entire time to buff it as much as possible. Don’t get off until the Ent is dead. Risky because sitting on the Ent does a lot of damage from the Greater Nature Sprites and the mini-Ents, so there’s potential to die if you’re not careful.


This works because after evaluation phase is over, there is a SMALL (~0.25-0.5 second) window where the Ent’s HP goes from 300k to 1.2k (and then it stays invulnerable for the rest of the time)

Having the rest of the Raijin Disciple Set makes this more consistent (I tested everything both with just tops and this set), because Tenne gives you a ton of Dex and Att, and the set bonus for 3 pieces gives you even more. Additionally, just having 2 pieces gives you +7 Spd, so it lets you rush to Ents even faster. You could get more Dex using Tenne + UBDex, but I prefer the set because it gives so much more than just Dex.

More Dex = more consistent. This holds even if you mistime it. I have still had times where it doesn’t work with more Dex, but obviously if you have more Dex, you are more likely to hit the window.

Since the Ent has 1.2k HP, if you don’t hit that, you obviously won’t make the insta. The reason I said (maybe) max Att at the top is because you might be able to have less than max Att and still hit 1.2k damage using Void Blade, but even with max Att I was still occasionally hitting below 1.2k damage, so less Att will obviously be even less consistent.

I have no idea how consistent this is without an Electric pet. I can imagine it would be less consistent because you might miss, but Ents don’t move around that much.

If you are killing Greater Nature Sprites and have the Daybreak Chakram (the star from the set), you can just hold down space and you basically take no damage until the Ent dies. If you are afraid of losing Tenne, this basically guarantees safety.

Killing Greater Nature Sprites is not 100% consistent either. In my testing, as long as I sat on top of the Ent the entire time I would say 70% of the time all Sprites were killed, and almost every time at least one Sprite was killed.

This does work for Liches, but only if they are not buffed, so this only saves like 1-2 seconds. If Liches are buffed, their evaluation phase lasts a super long time for some reason. This is why if you fully buff a Lich, you can only kill it after it spawns the second set of Phylacteries, unless you can do 300k damage after killing the first set of Phylacteries. However, this DOES insta-kill the Haunted Spirits in the same way that Greater Nature Sprites are killed, so if you’re hunting Soulless, this is a nice way of doing that.

This works great when paired with the strat where you pull up the realm map and go to each possible Hero of Oryx spawn location (you can easily find this online or in OSanc and STD), when the realm opens, as everyone will be rushing to the easy to kill Heros (like Cyclops Gods) and you can kill Liches without having to worry about them being buffed (or finding an Ent past the phase where you can insta them).

This is amazing right now because of the campaign. I wouldn’t doubt if you could make 3-4k points/hr by farming events this way.

According to Terrifiedchildren6, this is possible with Samurai, but I haven’t tested that. However, Ninja is preferable anyways because it is so much faster with Speedy.

I only tested this solo, so theoretically having a Warrior with you would make this even more consistent.

This is theoretically possible with any other class that can do more than 1.2k damage in a single shot (DBow and Divinity come to mind), but I only tested this with Void Blade.

I wonder if this on average would be faster than using Trix for the whole realm, but obviously, the most optimal start would be using a Rogue to rush Red Demons, Trix to rush up to GKings, then using Ninja for this.

This does NOT work for GKings, as they have 4k HP. If you can do 4k HP in one shot, then maybe, but that’s pretty hard to pull off (Pally with Divinity and Oryx Seal maybe?)

Personal stats:

No ninja exalts, and level 83 Electric pet

Deca pls don’t fix this, this makes realm clearing so much more bearable. Or, if you are going to fix it, either make Ents take less time to grow or fix some of the multitude of bugs in your game first. (Or add grand exchange pls)


Still confused how the nature sprites also die when using this method, But it seems very easy to do if noone else teleports to someone attempting this raising the hp scaling. will try it myself, hopefully if it isnt fixed it will be implemented in every speedy realmclear. thanks for spreading the word!


same way people can die after tping, inv isnt applied for a few frames


Yeah, like Herwin said I’d imagine it works in the same way that the MBC Virulent Venom insta-kill worked, where the poison would hit MBC the frame that it spawned and killed it because there’re a few frames where enemies are vulnerable upon first loading in for some reason. With Void Blade, since it’s piercing, I imagine that it will instantly hit the Sprites as they spawn in, as they spawn on top of a projectile. Additionally, I don’t believe Ents actually HP Scale? I could be wrong about this, but in the few times that other people were there, I didn’t find any issues with instaing, but that might be due to a lack of testing.


Ty for making this strategy known! I’ve put it into practice for several realms and it works like a charm! Thought of sharing my own observations as well:

  • Past a certain point, attack becomes irrelevant if your void blade shots are always dealing >1.2k dmg, which is when it’s better to focus on dexterity-boosting equipment.
  • I’d like to suggest the enlightenment star to boost the instant kill success rate even further as it berzerks you.
  • I doubt having a lack of an electric pet would decrease success rate, as the ent ancient always stays completely still for a couple of seconds after evaluation is over, giving you plenty of time to sit on him anyway before he turns into his 1.2k health form.
  • All that being said, sometimes it still does fail, but I haven’t been able to deduce why aside from factors outside our control at that point.

And yea, I sincerely hope this doesn’t just get patched and move on just because it makes the realm clearing experience a lot less agonising waiting for these damn trees to grow. I’d prefer if the devs don’t prioritise “fixing” this specific issue, but rather to rework the ent ancients instead as their current form is long outdated.


IMHO they should fix it as an exploit. There’s a good argument though for just reducing how long it takes a non-boosted Ent to reach its largest size and become vulnerable.

The other two with evaluation phases boosting them makes the battle take much longer. It doesn’t with Ent as unboosted it takes just as long. Halving the time e.g. would make clearing go much more quickly.


Oh yes, I’m not saying don’t fix it at all (wait on second thought, I read my original comment and it does imply that, I’ll edit it now), just saying that if they want to tackle this problem, they should actually focus on reworking some element to the Ent Ancient fight to make it less boring/time-consuming to deal with, be it faster growing speed or following the mechanics of the ghost king and lich (ie. longer time to die if buffed, otherwise, dies relatively quickly)

I’d lowkey hate it if all they did was patch this and then move on. Like, now the spotlight is on this issue, so they’re obviously aware of it, and they should also be aware of how people don’t like waiting ~20+ seconds just for the boss to become killable, so they should also do something about it now that they’re aware.


The reason this works is because of the way Wild Shadow implemented evaluation bosses - it’s quite clever for the limited tools they had at the time.

You see, it’s currently not possible to change the base HP of a monster. (Negative HP scaling might work? :eyes:) As such, every evaluation boss actually consists of two different objects: the evaluation enemy, and the “actual” enemy.
Once the evaluation phase is over (Ents/Liches), the enemy with 300,000 HP will metamorphose into its “actual” enemy form, replacing itself. This is why they seem to suddenly snap out of paralysis / stun once they transition into it.

As for the instakill, it’s precisely as Enter said:

And as for MBC specifically, this is likely because a “dummy” object was used to spawn it in right as the Defender gets defeated. This object likely had the default health value of 100, and also suffered from this single-frame vulnerability that made it possible to be instantly killed.

I’m almost 90% positive that all evaluation bosses are going to get an overhaul once the Realm rework rolls around. Pretty much all of them are universally agreed upon to be useless, griefable time sinks that make staying in the Realm even less desirable.

That said, I doubt that it’ll be patched individually. Like, what’s the best fix here? It’s the original Void Blade issue all over again, except on a slightly smaller scale.


ahh then thats a brazy easy way to farm qot, never had one dropped so maybe itll be a semi easy legendary forge farm


I’ve seen a few Ninjas doing this before I saw this post, and at first I thought it was an new exploit of some sort. Glad to know it’s now a little “niche” in the game.


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