How to not act like a blue star?


I don’t want to be a noob, give me tips, I’m a 6/8 right now.


you can’t just play the game you wanna play it don’t mind others.

  1. Try not to die in stupid ways (i.e. lava, tearing ice, blobombs).
  2. Get whites and use them (don’t flex too hard or they’ll think you bought your account).
  3. Don’t die.
  4. Get a better star.
  5. Don’t talk trash and don’t fake call.
  6. Do dungeons “correctly” (i.e. not activating CDepths boss before egg sac’s are dead and paralyzing when actually needed).
  7. Experience.


my vault is full I got whites in my inven reeee


Start feeding your pet with extra whites if you have fame. Also, drop the vanity whites first. I.e bulwark, ep, esben staff


whats the ideal pet?


Heal mpheal ele. Some people go for heal mpheal decoy. Really, at your point, just get a heal mpheal pet in the first two abilities and at leg fuse it with your preferred decoy or ele pet. Note that Mpheal first and heal second is also totally fine.

At the moment your current pet is fine. As long as you get a heal/mpheal pet before fusing to rare.


Flex all of your UTs on other people, it works for me. And everyone likes me!

But like what PrimeGrind Said, improve your pet’s stats and go for HP heal and MP healing pet. Your survivability and DPS will greatly increase if you get that combo early.


is sullen blade good cuz I got 2 of them but then they are remaking it


Yeah keep em. Will be great flex. Also seems to be useful, in my experience on testing.


I am going to tear out your bone tissue and stuff your lungs with them.

I can’t say there’s a be-all end-all way to not be seen as a blue star aside from…well, not being one, by playing multiple classes for a long period of time.
Something I do note: blue stars tend to get yelled at or made fun of when asking questions - but don’t be afraid to ask for stuff. Chances are that, among the people that read your message, there’ll be a couple who’ll be happy to answer you, leaving you with more knowledge to use.


Vanity items are shit since you can disable ally shoots.


I only got 1 vault, and I wanna know which whites should I keep and which ones to feed cuz I don’t know which ones are good and which ones aren’t, I got vault: spirit staff, csword, puri tome, holy protection tome, dirk of cronus, stone sword, conducting wand, ray katana, inventory: 2 sullen blades, an abraham, a dblade, and a kageboshi


That happened to me too when I was F2P, just feed the duplicates and do what you can.


Feed Abraham, Spirit staff, and maybe the Sullen’s. Don’t feed (at all costs) CDirk. Might wanna feed the CSword too, since you have an A.S.S.




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Not be you


Don’t care about what people think about you based on star color, just have fun and enjoy the game! You have the rest of your life to be an expert at the game, but right now, this period of time, you’ll only have once. So go collect those goodluck dirks or kendo sticks. Be amazed when you get a doombow. Work hard for that next pet yard expansion. Join a guild or five, and just have at it dude! Over time you’ll gain fame, and each death will give you that much more experience… eventually your star color will change. But you, you will not! Stay yourself, kid.


I just main 1 character, the archer