How to not act like a blue star?


That happened to me too when I was F2P, just feed the duplicates and do what you can.


Feed Abraham, Spirit staff, and maybe the Sullen’s. Don’t feed (at all costs) CDirk. Might wanna feed the CSword too, since you have an A.S.S.




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Not be you


Don’t care about what people think about you based on star color, just have fun and enjoy the game! You have the rest of your life to be an expert at the game, but right now, this period of time, you’ll only have once. So go collect those goodluck dirks or kendo sticks. Be amazed when you get a doombow. Work hard for that next pet yard expansion. Join a guild or five, and just have at it dude! Over time you’ll gain fame, and each death will give you that much more experience… eventually your star color will change. But you, you will not! Stay yourself, kid.


I just main 1 character, the archer


simple, don’t be a blue star!


Ah you’ve reached the F2P problem already… Although it sucks to put money into a free game, if there is a sale on vaults/character slots (Month of the Mad God tends to have good deals), I would invest maybe $10 or so into that. It’s annoying but helpful to have more space/characters.


Since this should be your first purchase, you can buy 500 gold for $1.99, thus getting a vault chest. I the same exact problem too, I got to the point where I didn’t want anymore whites because I couldn’t hold anymore. I feel for you M8.


Feed Spirit Staff, Abraham, Dblade, Csword and one Sullen Blade.
Keep the rest.


Dont forget that Ray Katana, Cdirk and Kageboshi are extremely rare.


I’d say if you’re a 6/8 you’re not acting like a blue star already. I’m an orange star and the two best characters I’ve ever had were 3/8s. Either you’re pretty good, I’m really bad or both.


>extremely rare





Its an event white.


Get a red star


Don’t feed the sullen blade. It’s been buffed in the next patch.


Ok, it seems like you’ve died on your maxed archer, and it seems to me that you are throwing whites at the problem.

No offense, but condu puri t7 robe and sup hp isn’t exactly ideal.

My advice, if you have money, use it to buy an extra char slot, and do the pot farm char/ main char strat. But if you don’t, grind out 25 def and store it on mules, and use it to just max def on a char. Then you can work on maxing other stats.


I’d suggest trying out different classes to use your whites with. Archer is hella fun, but there’s a reason that there’s other classes too, don’t waste your whites.