How to Spend Realm Gold as Endgame player?


I have Maxed Divine pet. I have over 15 char slots and over 50 vault chests.

No need to spend on any of those ^

So, I have 2600 Realm Gold. What to spend on now?


Misery Boxes and Keys.


Buy tops from nexus xd


What @Pixel wrote, but if you have patience waiting for one of the campaigns they seem to be running from time to time can net you some bonus loot. Np idea when they’ll do another but I think there’s been two this year, on top of the Unity campaign at the start of the year.


It depends what you enjoy doing in the game.

Keys will allow you to farm if there’s any UT item you especially desire. Some items, as I’m sure you know, can change how a class is played, so if you have a favourite one you might want to get a specific UT for it.

Edit: ST items especially require a hard grind, so you might want to buy those through the mystery boxes, I can’t comment on how worthwhile that is, really depends on how much you want whatever item.

There’s always more/new character skins/pet skins to allow you to customise for vanity purposes.

You could make a 2nd pet at a lesser level just for ‘fun’/or a tougher PPE challenge if that’s of interest.

If you play a lot, and like doing the daily quests for the small bonuses, you can pay to refresh the Tinkerer quests ahead of the daily 00:00GMT refresh.

I know you said you have 50+ vaults, but even that can fill up unless you are not bothered about hoarding rarities. So more space I’ve found is never a bad thing.

Otherwise, save the gold for a future event that tempts you. The Rifts game mode lets you spend gold too, and although the seasons so far have only had cosmetic items, and there’s been little point so far to unlock vaults or char slots, future seasons might be more P2W.


Wait till there’s a good deal like 50% off or something. If you enjoy playing with friends/guildies (or are looking for any specific loot), focus on Dungeon Keys. If you want to look sick, go for Skins. Don’t use all of your Gold, since it’s always good to have some extra on hand.


That is a bit scary

future seasons might be more p2w


It’s deca. Future rift seasons will be p2w.


also if you want space for storage, tbh just get a character slot.

up to 4 slots for class-specific equipment and 16 slots for general items for 1000g.

2 vaults is only 16 slots for the same amount.

and if you ever just want to use the slot for actually playing on it, then it’s available.


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