How to sprite out a dungeon's rooms and layout?!?



I have a few dungeon ideas that are pretty fleshed out and I’m eager to start working–you may have seen my previous dungeon idea and know what I mean. My question as someone kinda new to the scene is how do you begin designing the sprites or the layouts of the rooms and features of a dungeon? I’m not even talking about the character sprites. What do you do with the Layout of the rooms when designing?


Xaklor had a tutorial for Tiled
here’s a link:

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First of alI, I know nothing about dungeon making. But I’d say get the sizes and shapes down first. Do you want a narrow corridor where you back up on the enemy, or a big ass room to run around and kite it? You’ll want to use existing mechanics in creative ways to maximise thematic consistency. Do you want to put turrets in? How will your pre existing enemies and room shape change the dynamic? Are you going to use things like lava terrain? Pillars to hide behind? Just remember to take it all one step at a time, if you rush in and try to think of everything at once all you get is a mediocre end product.


Omg thank you this is amazing!