How to tell what server you are on, use MrEyeball


Although this recent update has broken the in-game /server command (it now only tells you the realm which is useless because you can already read it from the Realm Quests display)…

There is still a way to find out what server you are on, if you do:

  • /tell mreyeball server


That gives you the server, and put that together with the Realm Quests display, or /server if you have the RQ off, for the realm name, and you have your location.

Happy event calling! :fireworks:

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Server command is broken

Im confused


yeah, why hasn’t mreyeball gotten his white star back


I think MrEyeball doesn’t always get the realm correct, because that depends on him seeing you go into there.

Like in my screenshot it reported me as ‘Nexus’ even though I’m clearly standing on the beach.


Ah but hydra didnt exist either. Was only ogre and deathmage.


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