How to Trade 16 Items in a Trade?


So a Ring of Decades is basically 16 Life Pots. I was thinking of buying one, but how can I if I only have 8 slots in the trade window? I used a backpack expander from the Login Bonus Calendar. Help?


You can’t.


I think most people just give the first 8 for the deca then give the rest after, or they trade for something of equal value, like ubhps or something.


It depends. Given that you’re a blue star, you’re likely not going to be trusted so if you want to do the trade, you’re going to have to give the 8 life first and then give the second set of 8 life for the decades. It’s probably a better idea to look for another trade no involving 16 life but rather something that can fit in 8 spaces, such as a ubhp+some amount of life.


I’d highly recommend condensing your life pots to other forms of currency ex pixies ubhp. Then doing the trade so you can do it all in one trade and remove the risk of being scammed


Do not listen to Leohe advice, NEVER pay 8 life first!!!

You do 2 trades, first trade 8:1 ALWAYS then you give the rest of the life after, if people don’t trust you you should try and make it one trade by using other items that are worth more.


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