HP bar bug with HP scaling


Next one though I’m not sure this is trivial or not…

When I back off from a fight with an enemy that has an orange or red HP bar there are times when I go back in and the bar has reset to full and is green again. The actual HP is correct in that the bar goes down faster when I shoot.

I assume this has something to do with HP scaling and the enemy going out of range and being reloaded but it’s a little frustrating when there are a bunch of enemies with all green bars but one (I’ve given a bit of a slap to earlier) is close to death yet I don’t know which it is.

I see this frequently at the dwarf miner with the (in-game) shrooms*.

*Which is unrelated to what I may or may not see with out-of-game shrooms.

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I think you’re right. I find it most annoying in tombs since it removed the way you used to be able to use the boss’s HP bar to judge how close to rage it was.


I do recall someone being quite agitated by this after dying in a Tomb due to a sudden rage, caused by this odd bug.

Afaik this has been around since HP scaling started, but only got more noticable with things that move off-screen (such as the Marble Keys!). I’m not sure what exactly causes it, but I presume it’ll bee addressed in Unity.


I think the reason this happens is because the game unloads the enemy from the game and approaching it again causes the HP bar to ‘jump’ back up, when in reality it’s just a graphical glitch, as this can be observed when teleporting to event gods near to death.

The game probably does something like this;

Player approaches enemy.
The enemy’s current health is taken and stored somewhere.
When the HP bar is displayed, it displays the enemy’s remaining health as a percentage of the current health that was taken earlier.

Plus, if the player distances themselves from the enemy, unload the “current health” taken earlier and the HP bar.

Like @Seelpit said I think this mostly occurs with HP scaling enemies, likely due to the code that ‘refills’ the enemy HP bar when another player arrives to show that the HP is, well, scaling, also unintentionally doing the same thing when an enemy gets out of sight, likely due to the fact that their maximum HP is likely to be very variable.

I could be wrong though lmao, I haven’t looked through the code. Just an uneducated guess.


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