HP/MP Crosshair


Because I can’t be bothered to look slightly to the right or slightly below my character when I’m aiming my shots.
Questionable functionality, yeah, but could probably help save a life.

Which one do you like best? What do you think of the concept?

Edit: “In-game” example:

[Dungeon Idea]Wicked Game Show - BB

the used space of the blue looks quite darker than the red. i guess i like the top left one.

But yeah this would make the game so easy :stuck_out_tongue:


you just gave hacked clients a great idea.


Creative! Honestly, those would all look ugly in realm, especially underneath the pixelated character. The two bars are just good.


I find it problematic that people who make hacked clients can implement really excellent ideas into the game within a few days while the production team takes months to even consider an idea then months more to implement it.

So many things that are supposedly in hacked clients should be in prod.


Only thing I want from hacked clients is switch items with number keys


I’m talking about UI enhancements and lag reduction, hotkeys and quick functions are great too though.


not bad


I mean deca has already put some stuff into the game that hacked clients had been using for a while , like @Shatter said the item switch would be nice and it seems like a simple idea that I can’t see anything wrong with and cetainily lag reduction would be a great idea




Yeah, to be fair, Deca’s speed when compared to K :ab: :a: :m: 's speed is like comparing a Speedy Rogue to a fresh Knight.

Edit; got the order backwards


kablamo were bad in general, they have shaped this games direction with the pets, SB loot, etc though.


That actually looks pretty cool. I think there should be an option for which you’d like, in-game. Like for the cursors. This idea is really cool! One thing I think would be troubling with this, is the HP/MP text. I personally find the text extremely useful.


My favorite is the first one, in the top left.

But comparing to the beach background, they look too big. I probably woulnd’t use it if it was that big.


Fair. I’ll see if I can get the proportions soon

Edit: Added to Original Post as well, as requested, @Werbenja!


Now that is a sexy looking crosshair. By default it has a few colors, so it should be quite visible in most backgrounds.


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