I closed the game and lost my Warrior


I was wandering who that happend cause i was in an wlab and standing afk at the sparn after closing the game for an reset of the the luncher my warrior was dead. maby can some one help me with that ty


No character revive allowed from Deca so… looks you have to deal with that…


You clearly did not die in the spawn. You died to troom and had a slice of mald.

I’m not tryna point any fingers, but I mean…


oof. gotem




Not sure as I’ve not tried to reproduce it, but maybe you could die to the tree even if in another room, if the room was right next to the troom. The grenades are lobbed at players; I don’t know if they could be lobbed at a player outside the troom, but even if not they are area effect and so might do damage outside. Might be interesting to test, if there’s a room close enough.

But you should never go AFK in there anyway, or at least not until it’s cleared. Minions can and do run between rooms, and even one or two can do enough damage to kill you if you just sit still and let them. Could be that happened too, before the tree lobbed a lucky grenade to finish you off.


I usually nexus and press esc to quit. it is safer tis way


The t rooms are designed that this cannot happen. There’s a long way to it, no other room around. You can only die when you are there. But then it can be very fast especially when you cannot see the grenades (as I do -.-; I have to highly concentrate to see some particles cause of the color settings.


It can be right next to another room though, I’ve seen this a few times: the long way to it separates it from the room you get into it from, but otherwise it seems to be placed just like any other room.

The gap between rooms there is normally at least one or two squares, and I don’t know if the grenades reach that far. It’s just the only way I can imagine dying to the tree while in the spawn room.

edit: found a screenshot, with the treeroom topleft of the minimap. The passage to it is from below but it is much closer to another room


That then begs the question: can a Swarm Tree generate close enough to the spawnroom, and if so, can a player be hit from there if they haven’t moved from their initial position?

@Toastrz Bring us clarity? :eyes:

Also, I propose keeping the name “treeroom”. It fits too perfectly!


The targeted grenade has a max range of 11.5 tiles. For perspective on that, the min range is 7.7 which starts attacking roughly when you’re off the colored leaves and trying to hide on the edge of the room. Even with the tightest possible generation, I can’t see a situation where it can target someone from another room, let alone the start room.


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