I dont wanna stop playing rotmg but i am agghh


i really want to play rotmg

i cant

you know what im gonna force myself to play rotmg and set goals

100/100/100 divine pet

at least 5 char slots f2p

best stuff in game

ok i need to bring this out somewhere


Good luck with that!

I am a 30%20PM and still don’t have a max divine.


yeah boi im going f2p thx


why would u force urself to play realm when u can play many objectively better games in the same genre? Most to all of the veterans that still play only do it because of their attachment to the game, not at all because of its quality. Just my recommendation though do what u want, but if ur trying to get triple hundred I hope ur ready for the thousands of hours (not an exaggeration) that it’ll take for that without spending. A 100/100 is all u need though, third ability is rly just bonus as para is meant for the status anyways and is a ton more investment than the first 2 abils


If you burn yourself out you will quit by day 2.

I highly suggest you quit now before you start getting addicted. It will be very hard to quit when you actually want to.


if you aren’t having fun with the game you should try other games, just play whenever you feel like doing something

I stopped playing for like 6 months and came back with MotMG for a bit and had fun, I’m probably not going to do much else till the Beta for the Unity port is released, I suggest you do the same if you aren’t having fun.

depending on how well your computer can run games I can recommend you some, forcing yourself to play a game you aren’t having fun in will inevitably just cause you to fully quit the game and you’ll feel repulsed when thinking of playing again.


Don’t bother trying to help him, he’s a notorious troll on the forums


100/100/100 F2P? Lol I’m not sure if that’s possible, you will need about 1.2 million feed power in total I believe, countless fames and stuff too.

If you play legit, I’m estimating that it will most likely take 8000+ hours
One way or another I don’t you think you can do it, you either have to pay stuff or will end up using hacks urself.

It’s also a crappy game now, and why would commit yourself to that goal instead of committing yourself to some real life goal lol? I’m quite confident that some day in the future when you finally quit the game you will find yourself full of regrets, at least I did, this game screwed up people’s job and education opportunities


Had some goals aswell.

  • White Star -> Archieved
  • 100-100-100 Pet -> done.
  • 28 (back then) 8/8’s (main and backup) -> done.
  • “real” whitestar (every char above 2k fame) -> done.

… stayed for longer than expected, when I stopped playing I had 60 8/8’s on my main account, and some others on my alt.

Just setting goals ingame doensn’t keep you around is what I’m trying to say.


Damn! That must’ve been a hard grind lol, but congratulations to you on achieving those hard goals, you are a real end gamer xD


Have you gotten every single item in game now btw?


I’d say it was more time consuming than anything else.
Thanks alot, but I’m certainly not a “real end gamer” (anymore).
People catch up very quickly if you’re not playing for 3 years lol.


The old ones I do have, but with all the reskins, ST’s new UT’s and so on and so forth… I don’t have any interest in grinding that stuff tbh. I also don’t recognize most of the stuff people are wearing on their chars.


Ah, well yeah you got all your goals achieved within that time, and seems like you were the legend back a few years lol. And it’s good to take a stop, the game will always get updates and new items. It can be passive and boring to always keep up


I agree. Although I wasn’t a legend. I was known, and some people still remember me.

I’d consider players like:

  • AntiLoL
  • Mikado
  • Heromax/Krayzie
  • Kalle
  • Namey
  • Apitz (for personal reasons)

as legends of the game.

Got to admit that there are crazy good players out there right now aswell.

  • BTL
  • MrUniBro
  • Japan
  • Loopline
    (just to name a few)




its actually really easy to quit all you have to say die and then the n word and u get perm banned and then u can move on with life like i did :slight_smile:


Dude that’s really good advice I will definitely try that out :slight_smile:


just looked at your realmeye and thought I was back in 2014 lol