I got hacked, but


I got hacked today, and it was honestly the most tame hacking I’ve ever experienced in my 6 years of playing this game.
I stopped playing the game for awhile after a character I had died, back on October 17th, 2022. I logged onto RealmEye tonight just to look at trade offers again and saw something that concerned me a bit. I saw that there was activity on my account 19 days prior to my RealmEye login. Keep in mind, it’s currently January 2023. I immediately checked my account, scared of finding all my characters dead and all of my items in the vault dropped.

What I saw was much different. The hacker took my only tier 13 staff, my Pierce ST spells from many years ago, a Shendyt, and a bunch of other tradeable STs from my vault, most of which were probably worth maybe 3 or 4 decas each. No characters killed, no pets released, nothing else dropped from the vault. I was really confused but also very relieved, because of course this account is so old and I have characters that were born back in 2018, and I want to still have them around for nostalgia. So I’m pretty relieved, but also pretty annoyed that this happened, and I’m going to make sure I take the proper security measures to lock down my account for the future, even if I never play seriously again.
Keep your account safe.


You’ve been hit by–

you’ve been struck by–

a smooth criminal!


What a kind thief.


This is actually really common because people can make configs for realm really easily and with that they can see everything thats on an account and keep going through accounts until they find one with good loot, trade it off and go to the next one. Chances are they’re someone who’s doing rwt as well.


I’ve not been hacked myself but have seen enough reports now that there’s no one thing hackers do. Some delete all your chars + pets. Some just steal your tradeable items. Some just play on the account for a bit, with varying results. There was even one where the hacker left behind a lot of extra wealth – they seemed to be using the account for storage like a mule.

Anyway, yes, do keep your account safe. You don’t want to find out the hard way that the hacker you get is one who likes trashing accounts.


This happened to me also, The hacker didn’t even take anything, he just joined a guild and dipped out. I even had characters holding decas so i was a bit confused. Weirdest experience i had. I thought it was a bug that i was in a random guild.


is that how it is??? i wasn’t aware in the slightest


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