I have this glitch, wondering if anyone could help [floating potion graphic]


I have started having this glitch where my potions (HP and MP) get stuck right above the bar where they are stored. It seems like the game things that they are in, but then get stuck over the bar like my mouse was holding it waiting to drop it. It goes all the way to the home menu, here is a photo:

If anyone knows how to stop it please let me know



Did this only happen once, or do you have the problem often?

Normally it goes away if you restart the projector.


It’s the same thing for Steam and even flash, I guess.

I already got this bug, it occurs when you pick a potion with another player at the exact same time.

Just restart the game and it’s gone.


If you double click to pick up potions, this glitch doesn’t happen. It’s only when dragging an item to pick up that this bug occurs, when someone else picks it up while you’re halfway through the drag.


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