I think I found a glitch...


Some time ago I unlocked and played huntress class and I realized that I don’t have good pets.

I decided to enter pet yard and stay here for a while.

But I stood here for like 2 hours and nothing happend! No humanoid pet eggs spawned! When I unlocked trickster and mystic and did the same thing and nothing happend!

Please can somebody tell me how to fix this glitch?

Thanks and please respond


u click on eggs to hatch, eggs are an item. they dont hatch by waiting lmfao


As alphacroc said, eggs don’t just spawn. You can acquire them as drops and then shift click/double click them when in the pet yard to unlock them.


I didn’t really understand this post, but I had an idea that a lotta people agreed w/, which is every beginning player should get a pet/egg for free (kinda unfair for the new player).

I’m sure this can be thought out better, if more thought went into it.

One person suggested once the new player reaches level 20.

Another suggested a pet w/ heal.

(this belongs in the ideas category, but it’s somewhat relevant to this post at the same time?)


login awards give humanoid eggs
remove the marsh swamper or whatever the hell that things called
it looks p shit tbf
granted, babies are awful looking too


This post was just a joke. I’m replying to KiddiKong, because there’s something called RotMG Welcome pack in rotmg steam edition, and it gives you 3 common pet eggs or something like that.


please don’t use the tech support category for shitposting