I took a huge L and what class do I play


If you check my graveyard, im not the greatest player. I rarely max stats and I die… a lot. My latest character to die was my knight who was 3/8 and I died tping to boss in lab and got insta popped by green pot(lol) what class should I play? I have some cool mystic items such as EP and edictum and also the ST orb, I also have csilk planewalker some tops and other UTs


Git gud and play something that’s braindead and survivable like necro


my vaults really sexy for a f2p


Can you post a screenshot so we have a better understanding of what you have


sure do i just use like snipping tool








my only 2 vault chests


So do you want a very survivable class?


Well, looking at those, you do have some pretty decent knight gear. If you don’t want to play knight again, you could always try trading gear for other classes.

Also make mules for more space


Ok mule is a good idea


made a wizzy but when it dies yes


Your graveyard is private


fixing that RN


You could make a knight like Gaod said and a huntress could work too if you got a good bow

(also a rouge could work but its not very survivable)


ok thanks


Play a harder class like Ninja or Warrior. Instead of maxing them, play them 0/8 and learn to dodge effectively, and read up on the dangers of each dungeon.

Playing an easier class won’t get you very far. You’ll keep on dying, and won’t make progress in the game.


I progressed a lot with archer, I suggest that class.


You should probably have 2 chars, a farming and a main. The farming class I would use would be the sorc. There is a few reasons why I think it is better than other classes, especially wizards.

  1. More vit = faster healing. You have a decent pet but nothing spectacular so the extra vit really helps
  2. You can play at a far range - this allows you to dodge easier
  3. The scepter - Spam it(which you can with your pet) and you will usually get soulbound on nearly any enemy

In addition, if you ever get some of the UT/ST scepters, especially fulmi, the sorcerer becomes a god.

For the main it all depends on your personal preference, but I would recommend a melee.
Knight - Lel xd… jk but knight is the go to class if you are not the best at dodging and just want to tank, though its defense is kinda a pain to max from scratch

Warrior- If you are good at dodging I would recommend him. His damage output is awesome but the speedy
makes it easier to walk into a lot of enemies accidentally

Paladin - I don’t usually use pally that much but alot of people love him. His max def falls right in between the two other melees and his healing helps a lot. The extra damage is just an added bonus

Choosing a character is kinda based on personal choice/skill but all classes have there ups and downs!
Hope this helps!