I took a huge L and what class do I play


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You could make a knight like Gaod said and a huntress could work too if you got a good bow

(also a rouge could work but its not very survivable)


ok thanks


Play a harder class like Ninja or Warrior. Instead of maxing them, play them 0/8 and learn to dodge effectively, and read up on the dangers of each dungeon.

Playing an easier class won’t get you very far. You’ll keep on dying, and won’t make progress in the game.


I progressed a lot with archer, I suggest that class.


You should probably have 2 chars, a farming and a main. The farming class I would use would be the sorc. There is a few reasons why I think it is better than other classes, especially wizards.

  1. More vit = faster healing. You have a decent pet but nothing spectacular so the extra vit really helps
  2. You can play at a far range - this allows you to dodge easier
  3. The scepter - Spam it(which you can with your pet) and you will usually get soulbound on nearly any enemy

In addition, if you ever get some of the UT/ST scepters, especially fulmi, the sorcerer becomes a god.

For the main it all depends on your personal preference, but I would recommend a melee.
Knight - Lel xd… jk but knight is the go to class if you are not the best at dodging and just want to tank, though its defense is kinda a pain to max from scratch

Warrior- If you are good at dodging I would recommend him. His damage output is awesome but the speedy
makes it easier to walk into a lot of enemies accidentally

Paladin - I don’t usually use pally that much but alot of people love him. His max def falls right in between the two other melees and his healing helps a lot. The extra damage is just an added bonus

Choosing a character is kinda based on personal choice/skill but all classes have there ups and downs!
Hope this helps!


don’t use your uts before you 6/8 it makes you look super bad running aorund with a fairly rare ut 0/8 and it’s even worse when the player acts stuck up about taking it off.

first you want to take it slow just to get a knight maxed def and once its maxed def you can put some uts on it like dblades and stuff like that but nothing past glands dungeons rarity.

once you max def you want to keep doing those dungeons until you acquire enough wealth to be able to re max 2 knights in defense so you’re guarenteed to be making a profit even if you die.

after you get about 50 def worth of life or pixies you’re going to want to do those harder dungeons to get the better whites and better items and i would advise you to save life (only save mana if it’s 2 :1 or 3 : 1 for a life pot).

after a bit of this you should have some pixies (use these as currency to store up to 6-7 life using 1 space)
a 7/8 maxed mana and 6 basic stats knight.
(you can also use decade rings as an alternative)

you should never save up to buy anything for the life like a decades ring or a pixie sword or the pixie armor basically what you’ll have is a knight that has old tops tops and semi rare ut’s that you don’t really care about losing.

once you get comfortable with the wealth you have acquired you can do super hard dungeons and etc or you can just keep doing the same thing.

warning if you succeed in this you might get bored of the game and quit. warning


i would suggest a necro for him since it has more survivability and the staff is a more user friendly damage dealer than the wand.
sorc is a great choice but I think that it’s lack of defense and user friendliness is something to watch out for.

If he gets something like a ut/st ability he could always switch over classes making sorc a good choice if he had a good scepter.

I think the knight is the best class out of the 3 melees even with it’s defense being a pain to max because once you do max the stat it becomes much easier to play than the other classes.

this is a good class in general and takes less time to max but it’s more of a class that is used for it’s dps and it’s tankiness isn’t really anything overwhelming and it’s basically just to support the class being close ranged compared to the knights overpowering defense.

i would suggest paladin if you want to have fun but isn’t the best for tankiness but can be used well if playing with some friends that can also benefit from this and can help you out so you’re not taking all of the damage.


choose a class that seems fun to you, get some cheap gear for it and start maxing slowly…patience helps keep your character alive.


my paladin is tankier than my knight, the healing is g u c c i


well if you’re using shit like resu or breastplate which gives like -2 defense then it’s pretty easy for a pally to outperform a knight in tankiness since you’re taking away the defense for something like mana.


spam that seal and watch that hp go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up


spam the shield and watch a movie :thinking:


Priest is beast.


meh its always debateable, personal preference comes in play here

i just enjoy the feel of a pally more than a knight, i might be a bit biased :wink:

but statistic wise knight is tankier, so kudos to you xD


I have a friend who I wouldn’t say is a pro by any means, but he can keep characters alive for a while and is decent on staying on feet (consistently having a maxed character to play on). His main strategy seems to be making a knight when it dies he’ll make a paladin and then when the paladin dies he goes back to knight. He only has 3 character slots so in the mean time he tries to produce other characters, but knights and pallys are like his 2 favorite classes.

Maybe you could do something like this. Pick two classes you enjoy the most and switch when you die. This way you never overplay one play and get sick of it. You can at least look forward to playing the other class when you die.


Sell your Forgotten Ring on Realm trades for space because chances are, somebody is going to want to complete the set.
Sell your t6 trap for a life pot.
Use your profits to buy gear.


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lmao check my wizard on my graveyard from soloing my 8th parasite in a row, also made a rogue and at lvl 14 got a ray katana