I want to report a player thief


The player said to sell candy key for 1 life, gave 1 life but did not open candy. I’ve been robbed


nothing you can do.


Should this be moved to whine cellar?


Ask yourself: is it a mean spirited whine? Not really, so no I wouldn’t move it.


Note, however, that Deca does not police trades between players. If you get scammed in a trade reflect on the situation and use it as a learning experience so you won’t get taken advantage of again.


tell all of your friends and guildies to report him on realmeye or in game.
type /tell mreyeball tag scammer <player name> for in game reporting.


/tell mreyeball scammer (username)


No, but it shouldn’t remain in #feedback right? I’m not 120% sure, I’ll leave it up to other regulars/mods.


The #feedback category is for forum feedback, not rotmg feedback. :wink:


Yes ı know, but i just wasn’t sure where to move it. that’s why i said [quote=“Selimmm, post:7, topic:4993”]
I’ll leave it up to other regulars/mods.




When i buy keys, I usually have them open first and then I pay inside. This method is secure for the key seller as well, because they can also benefit from the dungeon or make it super annoying for the buyer if the buyer scams.