I was banned?


I’m not totally sure if this belongs here as this is my first time on this forum but i’d assume it’s on-topic.

I haven’t played in two weeks or so and I just hopped on to get my daily reward and my exalt wasn’t loading, I hopped onto flash and I saw that it said I was banned. I’m kinda confused on how I got banned does anyone know how I can get a reason and how I can appeal as i’m kinda upset about it and the time i’ve put into realm :frowning:

ty, from Fadfafaf


Unfortunately the Realmeye forums are not affiliated with DECA Games in any shape or form, and thus we are unable to provide you an explanation as to why you were banned. Please send an email to DECA Games Support with the following link: https://support.decagames.com/hc/en-us


I already sent an email about 12 hours ago, is there a way to look independently instead of having to depend on them for a reason?


Unfortunately, no.


yea that is unfortunate, thank you that’s all i need to know I guess haha


Have you considered not cheating? Heard that tends to work well.


Only 12 hours? I had to wait a week. Just wait for 6 1/2 more days :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to wait 2 years and some change to get unbanned from a false charge back.