I was dragged on and killed. Q and A please


So. I recently came across this parasite dragging video and found the cause of my death of my 8/8 knight on January 9th, 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2LV_l0tT3M
I die around 1:35. I sent a ticket but got an immediate email back about not reviving and yatta yatta. I believe that it was simply an automatic email for those that request an email revive.

Will Deca actually revive my character? And is there even any chance?




deca never has and probably never will do revives, sry for your loss


Not even with undeniable proof?


nope, this sorta thing has happened more than a few times.

deca has an automated response to revive requests, best not waste your time.


big oof, i feel sorry. but deca wont revive no matter what u do, with video, proof and still nothing, this is a permadeath game so deca wont revive for any reason


Shouldn’t go afk in RotMG, just press R before going to help your mom carry groceries or some shit.
How the fuck haven’t people learned this in 7 years?


Lack of common sense, nothing less.


Kinda your fault for AFKing anyway. Who knows what will happen? Back up 3 years ago a bud of mine went AFK in midlands, oh nothing gonna kill me there right? 20 blobs sat on him and killed his 2/8 dbow archer.

Just don’t be stupid


deca doesn’t care


no revive, but maybe you can get a ban on the draggers? not sure if it’s against the TOS to drag.


Yeah I’m pretty sure at this point, their reply about reviving characters is automated. Sorry for your loss, but DECA won’t do anything about it.


ignore the redditers for rn

They wont revive your character

But it is against the rules, its why when you see someone doing a toxic video where they are dragging on people they hide their names because they are scared of getting banned

if it is clear they dragged on you, they can be punished

unfortunately the community is very composed of a lot of garbage so you cant go afk in a dungeon, learn from it and move on


If you actually want a response, make your DECA support ticket in a different category so they actually look at it.


Didn’t Deca fix this by making parasite mobs leash back to their set piece after a certain distance?


Yes, they did.


Can’t even spell auschwitz right go back to school buddy if you’re gonna be meming on the poor guy at least do it correctly.


Realm are unfair
More you need to know





thanks doc.