I was scammed by someone


I was scammed out a Davy’s by a player named Rigidpixel. When he took me to where he wanted to open, I opened, I told him to play. He told me he waits till after, cuz if he gets a white he overpays. I further kept annoying him about why he wouldn’t play, he then told me he wanted to be rich then logged off. I also suspect him of hacking, he claimed he was rubber-banding but I am pretty sure he reconnected. I just don’t know what to do. I have screenshots if those are required to get him banned. I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me what to do.


Mark him as a scammer and move on. We can’t do anything about your case.



I was once scammed by him also. My old guildie i had on discord named AreJayDeeL (owner of the guild Decades; private profile) called me one day saying that he wants to duo a tomb, I of course did it and after all of that, he told me that he was transfering his youtube channel to his “brother” RigidPixel and said, “We are doing a thing where you donate me some items and we will repay you one ST or an item of your choice.” As the generous person I am, I did it but only donated a pixie for he said as “trust” and then he later kept asking him me to clear out my vault for a fake donation video for RigidPixel’s 1.25k youtube channel. (Btw RigidPixel was there as “proof”). I had quite a bit of tops and ST’s so i only gave him a little bit expecting to get an overpayment back and after the recording, he kept ignoring me and that was it. I was a bit upset.

TL;DR - A player named AreJayDeeL used RigidPixel to give him more than an inventory of ST’s and tops and left.

Welp rip guild haha

Regarding scam: all you can do is tag their RealmEye page for the benefit of the community, and be alert in future dealings, there are a lot of them out there! :grimacing:

Regarding cheat/hacking: