I wish my account used a different email


So I started playing when I was almost old enough to get a gmail account. Not quite, but almost. So I used my older brother’s account. Now I am old enough, but I really don’t want to start all over. Also, with the art contest and all, I think I would give a better impression as an almost-yellow star.
What should I do?

Is it possible to change the E-mail from my ROTMG account?

Email DECA asking if you can change your email.


Well first of all, I’ve never heard of anyone not being old enough, since you can set whatever DoB you want.
Second, stars don’t matter for the contest, it measures creativity. No amount of experience with the game can make you any more or less creative.


Actually, you need to be “16+ years old” to play (Not that anyone actuallyfollows that rule.)


Yeah, but I don’t really want to start all over…
Also, it would extremely suck if my skin made it in the game after I decide to change emails. “Credits to Edclink” and my name is something else. It really bothers me because my brother is starting to play RotMG…


Well, only thing that can really work is if you compromise with your brother in hopes of keepin that account.


Contact Deca Asap, you need to be incontrol of your Realm account properly with an email address of your own.

I’d imagine they’ll reply asking you your security questions/answers. There’s some useful advice on this previous Q+A topic:


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