Idea(s) to Tackle the Current In-Game Economy's Situation


Hope this will be the last time I mention this.

A while ago, I made a poll about how can we as players (and Deca) fix the current in-game economy’s issue. I found that the majorities wants Lives/Manas to be valuable again.

Yet though, I also want to try something like more rainbows to keep up the pace of the influx.

Anyways, the 1st point: Lives/Manas issue. After the release of Oryx’s Sanctuary, the values of the 2 respective potions had decreased dramatically. May we recall that when Tomb was the sole method to farm Life, one Life worthed 8 Defences. Now how much it worths? More like 3-5 Wis/Vit for a GLife.

I figured that the sole issue is O3 itself. Once you can successfully raid the dungeon consistently, you can gain boatloads of GLives/Manas that you prolly do not need for a while. In addition, because the rewards from O3 are so great comparing to other dungeons, a good amount endgame Realmers don’t touch godland dungeons anymore and becomes lazy to farm their own rainbows. Hence, that’s where the 3 Wis/Vit for a GLife came from.

Now, how to make them valuable again?

So far, nerf the GLife and GMana’s droprate from O3. No, we do not want anyone walking out empty-handed from the hardest dungeon in the game, but rather O3 rewards one (not two) GLife and GMana each assuming you secured your Soulbound.

Cult should not to guaranteed to drop Lives/Manas (prolly already such a thing).


For the “more rainbows to keep up the influx”, I say implement something like “Rainbow Weekend”, meaning that GLand dungeon’s droprate (not the loot though) is guaranteed through out the weekend and everyone who inflicted SB to the respective boss will get pots as well.


If I cleared chancellor dammah and got 2 speed pots I would be ticked off


my problem is that rainbows are so expensive. if you made normal pots give +2 and gpots give +4 (normal life +10, GLIFE +20) it would make maxing less of a bother and more of an exiting experience. rn maxing is really boring, and its really annoying not being able to run any dungeons until maxed att/dex. if rainbows gave more stats (but still kept the same price on market) then it would be an absolute win. perhaps you could also add “minor” stat pots (+1 in each stat, +5 in life/mana) that would drop from beginner dungeons to give newer players a taste of the maxed lifestyle.


Why do you need max att/dex to run anything? Even with a partially maxed character with mid tier equips i am able to do dungeons like cdepths and wlab at a decent speed. And, even if your doing higher level dungeons max att/dex isn’t completely necessary, especially if you have good UT gear.


Also what is the problem with an influx of glife and gmana? A veteran player should be rewarded with good loot when doing endgame content; or do you want all the new dungeons to have tomb drop-rates where only 3 people get something in a group of 20? It’s good that life doesn’t cost 8 def anymore, now weaker people can actually trade for life and mana without farming forever (because back in the day who wanted to do 8 abyss or sewer dungeons). All that has happened is that the economy has changed like it always will and always should.


They say a person’s rotmg graveyard tells all.


i think a good way to fix this is actually buffing other pots.

they could do so o3 drops greater rainbow pots instead of the usual 2 2 life/mana.


How about instead making more non-endgame dungeons drop greater pots.

It’s been done for the ‘epic’ dungeons, i.e. Crawling Depths, Woodland Labyrinth and Deadwater Docks. Heroic UDL and Abyss too. But still you do LOD the only thing you’re guaranteed at the end is a dex and def (if you solo). Davy it’s att + wis. Oryx’s Castle + WC you get def, att, wis and vit.

So have all higher end dungeons drop greater pots. All the ones which drop marks for Mighty Chests, as well as Oryx’s Castle (e.g. Stone Guardians), WC, Court of Oryx dungeons. Some might drop mana/life singly, but all other pot drops should be greater pots.

This would make it quicker and less tedious to collect pots yourself, it you want to. But it should also make it cheaper to max by buying rainbows, as with more greater pots in circulation the offers should be better.

Mostly though it just seems fairer that if you do a LOD or Davys and just get rainbow pots they are greater ones.


ill be kicked if im not maxed attack and dex


I am an f2p player, and vault chests are hard to come by. this led me to using most of my chars to store items, meaning i only have a main character. if that dies, i have nothing else to play on, and since maxing takes a literal decade, it limits the time that i enjoy the game.


Hmmmm before I remember you saying you spent money on the game and people got mad at you for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well isn’t that just a discord problem. While discords do make dungeons more efficient they aren’t the only way to play endgame content.

I never said I was the best player in the game, I just said that I am capable of doing those dungeons with partially maxed characters.


i had spent money on the game. past tense. besides, since i didn’t buy vault chests/char slots (i bought STs) i dont know how you r point adds anything to this discussion


you can only do endgame dungeons if you have a good guild or discord or have the money to buy keys


That’s not true. I do public cults, nests, and O3s all the time. Like previously stated, its more efficient to do it in a discord or guild, but by no means is it the only way. Pub runs are fun and exciting and definitely a good way to do endgame dungeons.


I, too, am F2P, which leads me to feeding every item that I do not plan to use so I can actually have inventory space. However, maxing does not take long. It took me only a couple hours to 8/8 my priest. Obviously, I traded for pots, but still, maxing should not take as long as you are claiming it to be unless you are doing a really inefficient npe.

Edit: If maxing for you really does take as long as you claim it does, I’m sorry, you either have a skill issue or aren’t trading enough.


If you spent any money on the game then you aren’t free to play.


Rainbows especially Wis/Vit lost its value due to the combination of influx and laziness from veteran players.

Just make it everyone gets Lives when they secured SB, well on Tomb.

That yes but I’d rather value it 4 Def for a Life pot. Not too obsolete, not too valuable like that either.


i can trade my 32 decas for pots just fine, but i was talking about non-trading maxing


Ok well, then that is obviously going to take longer if you are only drinking potions that you get from dungeons and not from trading/vault. Still should not take more than 2 days.