Ideal Noob Sorc Set Up


In light of the recent lab event I have access to several items to form a sorc set. For my wand I have condu/recomp, for my scepter I have fulmi/st scepter, for my robe I have the st robe and for my ring I have access to an expo and a geb ring of wisdom. What would be the ideal set here? Should I invest in a Gsorc instead of wearing the st robe? Should I wear the expo or ring of wisdom.


It’s more of mid tier setup. So stick to old tops.


I can’t give you an informed opinion without knowing what you’re planning to use Sorc for.
General godlands potion farmer? WC character? FFA Tombing? Jack of all trades? I’d appreciate if you could be more specific.


A general setup would be as follows.

image or any tiered staff for piercing multiple enemies
image or Fallen for DPS (single target/non piercing)
image for slows (maybe general use if you’re not keen on getting hexed everytime)
image for damage
image self explanatory
image or a T12 robe for general use
cBqzNOn not the best robe (still usable right?)
image for all around stats (survivability)
image if you want to get the most out of your scepter


I would carry old tops/the expo and max the char before I worry about equips. Besides from the fulmi/st scepter and maybe the geb ring the other things aren’t really useful anyways.


Uh I only have one character slot soooo jack of all trades I guess


Oh ok that makes sense thank you.


There is nothing else left for me to say here.