Ideal set for each class?


So I asking my guildies on their opinions on what the best necro set was. I got mixed answers, but it seemed to revolve around vital/(all skulls basically)/t13 or shendyt/Omni. While I went on to farm for the set, I was curious on the other best sets for each class. Any ideas? Any player obtainable item, please!! (No admin generated shit!)




Full ST set is a nigh invincible tank that shreds the landscape sowing destruction every where it goes with its massive dps. It is a complete beast, comparable only to the terrasque turtle of yore.
:dragon_face::mountain_snow:️:japan: <-- accurate representation.


tbh you could go with something stupid like

Full Cult Set :^)


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only slight differences among classes that use the same weapon, but w/e
for the katana and dagger classes it’s pretty hard to choose as they have lots of possible swapout abilities. same with necro.
there’s less need to carry swapouts for weapons, it’s just a pick and choose for whichever one you like more. the only classes it really might matter on are the wand classes and the bow classes.
for armors and rings, it’s pretty much the same. it’s pick and choose based on whether you want dps or bulk, and there’s very little need to carry swapouts.


Should’ve just asked you personally. This was the list I was looking for, thanks!


I know Knight is tanky as all hell, but I think you’re underestimating how powerful Stun is…


Nice list, very useful.
rip condu though


bracer or omni on trix? mp doesnt matter that much on it


wtf fplate on samurai nani


EpicNecros’ reply is straight up incorrect in too many places.

An optimal priest should never be using Sourcestone or Bracer over Omni.
An optimal sorc should never touch the Cnid Scepter, can consider using the Ritual Robes, and should never use Source/Bracer over Omni.
An optimal wizard might use Jade Storm, and then Deca over Bracer. Lodestone is unironically an optimal swapout for wizard.
An optimal Necro should consider using the ST set almost everywhere.

Leaf Bow and Void Bow each do more DPS than both Dbow and Cbow. Dbow and Tshot both have their uses, but Cbow is simply wrong. Furthermore, Bee Armor, Wyrmhide, and Spectral could never be considered optimal when Garments and Leaf Dragon are options. An argument could be made for using Nil and Deca.
Huntress might want to use Vile Trap over Ctrap.

Assassin should never use Cnid Poison unless they don’t have an mheal pet.

t13 sword is worse DPS than Cutlass in all practical cases. Dblade should be taken on warrior and knight should use Pixie with Ogmur. Scutum should be considered the best stunning shield for the increased range and better stats if nothing else.

Warrior should consider ST samurai armor or Fire Dragon armor optimal in addition to Breastplate. There is also an argument to be made for Candy armor with jugg when the highest def returns are needed. A Candy ring is unironically an optimal swapout for warrior.

Paladin never should consider oreo optimal. That is for fun. Paladin doesn’t need Sourcestone or Bracer over Omni, ever. Paladin should consider Fire Dragon an optimal swapout.