If I provided some LH keys and (a *lot*) of vials, how hard would it be to start a "chill" LH discord?


at best, this has to be like a few months down the line because aside from what was in my gift chests, I removed everything short of giving my account away (wanted to keep my skins 'n shit), and I think I’d still try to f2p my pet to like… at least legendary. That said, afaik the only things that have changed about halls was main path was reduced from 12 to 10 rooms, and each boss has an individual mark. I couldn’t do this all the time because I’ve picked up a few responsibilities since I last played (yey), but I’m still curious about this, and confident that I still remember most of my muscle memory from rushing halls on a trickster.


I’d prefer to not get a fuckton of hackers in the hypothetical discord, but so many of y’all do that it’s probably a lost cause to both do that and consistently have 20-60 man runs.

no, “less stressful” does not mean full clear, and neither does it mean that every run is a full skip - I just want to be able to enjoy the games that I play.

Edit: oh yeah they stopped people from tanking defender lmao


I’d say you’d probably be ok once you get a decent amount of people to join because the main LH disc doesn’t ALWAYS do runs. So when their RL’s aren’t doing runs, where else will people go except to your disc? That’s my theory anyway.


i like this phrase


You have to give people some reason to do their runs with your discord instead of somewhere else

Banning all hackers would be a good way to stand out of the crowd


SBC hullo? It has like 5k members or whatever and still rarely does runs.

Banning hackers would further limit your pool of active players.


It could be like sbc but with lower reqs


I mean, I think I’d only end up w/ a handful of other RLs because I really do want runs to start w/ a lower cap of 15 (starting anywhere below this means your group has to be fairly careful/dedicated and pretty much everyone have damn good pets to do void) and an upper cap of 60 (everyone has their limit for how large a run can be - this would be mine)… I wouldn’t be doing it all the time either, probably mostly on the weekend and be able to squeeze in a couple runs every night at most.

I imagine reqs would be old tops (people practically give/throw away WC tops, so this means fuckall) and like… you don’t need to be 6/8 per se (speed, dex and attack maxed would be fuckin’ great) but I’d want characters that are mostly potted - 40+ char runs I’d care less, but if we’re running <30 people you better believe I’m checking what people are maxed/playing (like a fifth is warrs, another fifth is pallies, a few knights, rest can be almost anything, but certain classes better have certain UTs or they’re getting kicked)


I’m not real huge on requiring everyone to have 8/8s or 4k minimum alive fame on all chars or one of each melee class 8/8 or anything, but… yeah, I guess. As you can tell I’d hammer out the details if anything ever actually comes out of this mess.


Not intended as a bump, just an update but I asked the folks over at DECA support to unrelease my pets (mostly wanted my legendary back lul) and surprise surprise, they actually did… if this discord happens, it might be sooner than I expected =)

@DeveloperK You commented on the farewell thread that I probably shouldn’t have released my pets in case I came back, but I’m pretty sure it was more of a precaution to not come back to what I mostly viewed as a toxic community (and probably still is) - a ton of miscellaneous features/QoL changes (no shatters chests and dyes for fame sounded pretty shweet too) were not in my calculations


does sbc ban hackers




Sounds good. I would be interested in joining such a discord server and participating in any runs.


To be quite honest, I myself probably wouldn’t use it unless it stood out a lot. Even though that depends on how well it kickstarts and how many people hear of it, there’s so many LH discord servers I don’t remember all of them. The only two I use are SBC and pub since they’re both good in their respective ways and provide all I need. (most of the time, anyway.)
Maybe you could make some kind of rushing emporium, teaching people how to do it as well as providing video tutorials, etc? You could get pretty well-known that way.


Hey @DemonDeath ! I was a Raid Leader in one of the original Shatters discords, and I also have several hundred LH2.0 runs completed. If you need a Raid Leader to do runs during the week, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile: (I can also supply keys, I’m sitting around 40 LH keys currently!) PM me on Discord if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Discord: LucianMain#4264


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