If you could restart your RotMG experience and become a new player again, would you?


Title says it, I probably wouldn’t because I feel like I’m enjoying the game more now than I did before. Sometimes I do miss the old times of playing with my brother and sister in my old guild tho :cry:


Nope, I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to get into the game and move on to something else.
Plus the forums probably count as part of the rotmg experience and I wouldn’t give that up just to start playing the game from scratch.


Just did and got a double alien white immediately.


No, I wasted way too much of my life in this game and I’m not taking the chance that it takes away that much again.

  • Yes, I am willing to restart everything.
  • No, I’m happy where I am now.

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i would play a better game lmao


You already can do that and you’re not.
Irks me when people say this.


Oh I read that wrong, I thought it was make a new account, not reseting.


I would hard-reset my account in the future. Meaning:

Release my pet.

Killing all of my characters.

Hardcore vault wipe (except Skin Crystals, backpacks, tokens…). And give all the tradable items away.

Spend all of my fame (not gold).

And rebuild from absolute scratch. <3


looks at the amount of money i’ve incrementally put into this game

No thanks


I kinda mean like go back in time to when you just started


Going back in time to when I first started, definitely, because the economy felt like it was in a better spot and I just had more fun back then. Now the game is kind of stale, other than the new dungeons being released.

Most of the fun I had was probably exploring boss attack patterns and getting white bags I didn’t have before.

Restarting now is a no for me though. It’d be like downgrading my current experience because there isn’t really anything new to discover other than endgame content.


I don’t think I would. Since I’m so bad right now, with my pet I’ve spent 5 years getting, I would never survive nowadays and always die, which would eventually lead to me giving up since I just can’t advance.


I’d probably quit. It’s honestly just the events and my guild that are really keeping me going.


no, I think when I started in the WSS days was THE ONLY time to start playing this game.


My only regrets are not discovering the game in the WS years and joining this forum sooner. I’ve not really dropped money into the game, and I don’t waste away on it, either. I’m cautiously experimenting with having a new guild, and have admittedly used this game as a means of training for other games I might do.

I would not have wanted to start from back in the Kabam era with the knowledge I have now, because had I been good at the game, I would have realized how boring it was with them handling it. I would have disappeared much sooner.

I have to partially agree with Kiddi.


Releasing pet :open_mouth:

I could never look at myself in the mirror again


Buffed Vit will make it easier for me to rebuild.


Yeah why not, I’ve made alts a few times to try and relive that feeling- it’s not the same though. It’s sad when I see new players go straight to discord raid servers instead of learning the early-mid game. I’d only want to do this if it meant that I don’t know any of the things that I do now.


Bruhhh your RealmEye description tho :joy::joy::joy: