If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


The logic is strong with this one


Mystic would probably be the best. Having any issues whatsoever, even with tomb bosses? Bam, they are banished from existence for the next 5 seconds while I get out as fast as I can.


Just a small inquiry, how do think it would feel for us when we ‘pause’ the game (if we even have the ability to do so)?


You can’t move & speak. But you can see, hear, and feel your surrounding.

When paused your body will not aged.


neither will you take damage, apparently.

That makes this OP on a rogue, especially if irl.


I don’t even think we could have the ability to pause. It was meant for people to go afk, something we, uh, can’t do IRL. So I guess since it’s a pure “game” feature (like global chats, /c and other things like that) it shouldn’t be available.

Sounds like the stasis debuff tbh.


Everyone HATES them! Find out how they avoided ageing with one simple trick!


Knight Or Huntress


The bumps are real.


Why would you choose those classes?


Knights are tanky with all that defence and health and knight has stun, plus I don’t like robe classes very much ( no real reason I just don’t like them ).

As for huntress first of all, they’re long range to make up for the light armor, and there’s ctrap. Also, I find bows really enjoyable to use like leaf bow although it depends on how bows would function if I were actually in the game.

Like would I be playing realm but 3d and more realistic or what?


That’s actually a pretty good question.

I guess that in a 3D environment, fighting would be much different. Both players and monsters could take advantage of terrain much more, like climbing on rocks or in trees, actually hide in bushes or behind objects.

There could also be caves or buildings, with a light factor and such. Lanterns could become an adventurer’s best friend in dark dungeons or even during nighttime, if there is. There could also be ambushes and such.

The one thing I thought about is that some players could decide to go against their prior allies, and join Oryx. Since Oryx has always failed to defeat heroes, he would probably agree to work with traitors in order to make the Nexus fall. This would make the realms a much more scary place, as you could never know if a player you come accross is going to attack you or assist you.


That’d actually be interesting, but how about the weapon functions and when you die?


That was actually questioned above, and there were some interresting answers. The idea I prefered were the following :

  • The weapons function either like in current rotmg (everything is projectile-based, and very dodge-heavy) or more realistically, both for monsters and players. That would mean that swords are truely melee, and that the foes that use melee attacks would need to make contact too. Most people agreed on the fact that if the current projectile style was kept, bows and such should generate their projectiles magically, giving any weapon infinite attacks. However, to make swords a viable option in the case of a more realistic style, magic and ranged weapons should have a limitation.

  • Two main ideas were given for death. Either you die and that’s it, or you revive as a new hero with no memory of your previous lives, nor links to your previous heroes.


But imagine if there was actual hunger and bathroom breaks, and also if everyone was stuck in realm then most people would probably stay in the nexus out of fear. Only a few people would actually do anything especially if pain was present in Rotmg.


That makes more sense. But what would happen to your vaults/pets? would they be given to your reincarnation, or would they be distributed around for other players?


Yeah, that idea was given a few times. That’s why I felt like it would encourage actual groups of heroes to go out into the realms, instead of solo players. People would most likely organise with proper team roles, and you would most likely see groups with healers, tanks and damage dealers evenly distributed and fighting as a team.

Why would they do that? Fame, of course! And I’m not talking about the currency, but about making yourself a name out there. With the fear of permadeath, clearing difficult dungeons or getting your hand on a rare piece of equipment would be a great way to become one of the legendary heroes that people look up to. Also, if there was actual hunger and such, heroes would need to hunt for it, even if it means going in lowlands to hunt for easy meals.

In that same idea, that would also mean a real evolution of the player’s powers and dungeons. Even the easy dungeons like pirate caves and such would be visited by players that haven’t got enough experience and guts to try out more dangerous places, and in the end most if not all places in the realms would be visited.

The first question would be : would pets be a thing? I feel like pets were never meant to be a part of the game in its main idea, the idea being : when your character dies, it disappears and only your other heroes remain. Vault was always a way to connect your different heroes, so I don’t know if it should exist in a place where you only have one character at a time. If Vaults existed simply as a place to stock the items you can’t carry, then I guess that upon death this vault would simply disappear, since everything linked to the character must vanish.


Okay, I think pets should be more of a comfort instead of for healing and all that good stuff. Also, how about pvp lol except it’s magically banned in nexus.


question for those of you who are assuming a person can only die once and that’s that (which I don’t agree with btw, I am several characters not just one):

would UGC creators and official deca creators be praised for generating new and interesting content to keep the masses entertained, or condemned for creating new and ingenious ways of getting the players killed?


Would we even know people were designing new dungeons and stuff, or we would just think Oryx had some new minions we had to fight?